Sales: Console Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise + Animal Crossing New Horizons + 3-month subscription at 180 €

Good plan news Sales: Console Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise + Animal Crossing New Horizons + 3-month subscription at 180 €

Published on 07/06/2021 6:08 PM

If you were planning to purchase a Switch soon, then maybe you should look at this great offer from E.Leclerc: a Nintendo Switch Lite pack with Animal Crossing New Horizons and 3 months subscription, sold at a very advantageous price.

The Nintendo Switch is still and always a monstrous success, and it is certainly not ready to stop since 2021 still promises its nice share of exclusives: it is therefore a great opportunity to invest in the nomadic machine. Nintendo and enjoy it as it should, especially with this package offered by Leclerc at a lower price, passing € 240.90 to € 180.90.

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite Pack + Animal Crossing + 3 Month Subscription at 180 € on E.Leclerc

If the base model is centered on the Joy-Con, the famous autonomous controllers that can be attached or detached from the console as needed, this is the Lite version, without Joy-Con, lighter and smaller than the original grind.

It is therefore a console that will be perfect for wanderers (and who therefore never play on their television), preferring to take advantage of Nintendo’s catalog everywhere, whether in the open air, in transport, or anywhere. Otherwise, this model is much cheaper and therefore lowers entry barriers for small budgets.


As for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, do we still have to present it? If the exclusive license to Nintendo was already very popular, this latest episode simply broke records and is now recognized as one of the best selling titles of the generation, no more no less.

A very, very dense community has therefore already been able to travel through the adorable landscapes of this connected world, sharing great moments with players from all over the world. As a reminder, it is a game halfway between management and survival where we play an assistant to Tom Nook, having to move to an island to attract inhabitants.

At a time very feel-good and relaxed, Animal Crossing : New Horizons assure hours of fun and clearly establishes a unique gaming experience.

Learn more about Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing : New Horizons takes you back to the cute world of Animal Crossing, on Nintendo Switch. Cultivate your vegetable garden, fish, and make your life with your companions in real time thanks to the clock of the console.

The opinion of


Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes at the right time to offer us a change of scenery by proxy. There is no doubt that this is a good investment to occupy the long weeks to come. The multitude of things to do (and still to discover!), The objective system and the possibility of modifying every corner of its island should excite the faithful and perhaps convince others sensitive to crafting. To sum up as briefly as possible, the series has evolved without betraying the spirit of the previous sections: to have peaceful days and do what we please, without pressure. Possibly, New Horizons is the breath of fresh air we needed.

To learn more about this game, you can check out its full review.

Buy Nintendo Switch Lite Pack + Animal Crossing + 3 Month Subscription at the price of 180 € instead of 240 €

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Sales Console Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise Animal Crossing Horizons #3month subscription

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