Cured of covid after a month of hospitalization, a Montalbanais thanks caregivers

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Jean-Eric Marty at 57 years old. Last April, he was hospitalized because of the covid. Out of business, he now wishes to warmly thank the medical team at the Montauban hospital center.

For nearly a month, Jean-Eric Marty was hospitalized because of the covid. This 57-year-old Montalabanais is only slowly resuming the course of his life today. But this will now remain forever marked by his time in hospital. “Today, I want to testify, not for myself but for the nursing staff of the hospital. I don’t remember the names of the nurses who looked after me but I want to say thank you. They were really there for us, the patients, and they were so attentive I felt like I was the only patient! », Remembers the fifty-year-old.

“They are really very dedicated and competent people. Whenever I had to call them, they would arrive immediately. What I also appreciated enormously is that the doctor who took care of me explained things to me well ”, explanations which allowed him to understand the gravity of the situation and to fight for himself. get out.

8 kg lost in two weeks

“The physiotherapist, Corinne, was also extremely kind, she gave me a lot of time,” adds Jean-Eric.
“I lost 8 kg in two weeks, he emphasizes, I could not get up for several days, my muscles melted,” he recalls.

“I know it’s their job but I realize today how complicated it is. It is thanks to them that I am alive and I want to thank all these people. Because we do not realize their dedication until we are there, ”he concludes.

The number of hospitalizations is slowly on the rise

Two vaccinodromes are open to the public in Montauban, Eurythmy room, and in Castelsarrasin, in the Jean Moulin room. / Photo DDM, Manu Massip

In hospitals and covid services, the situation is of course much less tense than at the height of the epidemic. “It’s always too much, announces David Billetorte, the departmental director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS), but today there are only 12 hospitalized patients, and 5 are still in critical care”, adds- he does. But in recent days, we have seen that these figures have increased slightly. The latest situation report disclosed by the ARS last Friday only mentioned 4 patients in intensive care.

“The positivity rate is 0.9%, he continues, and the incidence rate is 20.2 per 100,000 inhabitants, which is below the critical threshold set at 50 per 100,000”, emphasizes he does.

It is this rate which shows or not the progression or on the contrary the slowing down of the epidemic. Six days ago, it was around 8 per 100,000 inhabitants. This clearly shows a very slight resumption of the epidemic in the territory. This is not the time to lower vigilance, “you have to be screened in the slightest doubt,” recalls the director of the agency.

Since the start of vaccination, nearly 230,000 doses of vaccines (all vaccines combined) have been injected in the territory of Tarn-et-Garonne, and nearly 97,000 people have received two doses. As a reminder, since June 15, vaccination is open to all without restriction and from 12 years old.

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