VIDEO. The significant weight loss of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un does it serve the authoritarian regime?

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Since the beginning of June, the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made a series of television appearances, more “emaciated” than ever. It seems that his weight is once again the focus of worries and concerns.

In a North Korean program that aired about a week ago, a disturbing message was issued regarding the weight and physical condition of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. A remark all the more astonishing in a country where all evocation of the private life or state of health of the manager is prohibited under penalty of sanction.

Surprisingly, in this series of interviews with locals broadcast by Pyongyang State TV KCTV, one of them appears to express his concerns about the leader: “Seeing our respectable emaciated secretary general is what breaks the most the heart of our people “…

In turn, these comments have raised a number of questions from analysts, observers and specialists. After presenting the thesis of disease, malnutrition, or even undernutrition, they examine the possible will of the authorities to take advantage of the weight loss of the North Korean leader to strengthen the loyalty of the North. – Koreans with an authoritarian regime.

A dedicated and hardworking leader

According to this hypothesis, the video would have been released intentionally by the North Korean government with the primary aim of improving the image of the leader as well as that of the regime facing many difficulties.

For some time now, North Korea has been weighed down by numerous international economic sanctions which have caused yet another food crisis within the country. Thus, some specialists opt for the following theory: the food situation, already tense because of the damage observed in the cereal fields last year, could worsen further.

With these interviews with residents of Pyongyang, the regime may be telling North Koreans that more restrictions will have to be faced over the food crisis. Ultimately, dramatizing Kim Jong-Un’s weight loss would glorify him by portraying him as a dedicated and hardworking leader.


VIDEO significant weight loss North Korean leader Kim Jong serve authoritarian regime

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