Paid parking for two-wheelers: the measure validated by the Paris Council

Paid parking for two-wheelers: the measure validated by the Paris Council
Paid parking for two-wheelers: the measure validated by the Paris Council

Introduction of paid parking for two-wheelers in 2022. Elimination of 60,000 surface parking spaces. Recovery of the space freed up to install recycling stations, street furniture or terraces. Fewer cars parked in the streets of the capital. No more vehicles parked in underground parking lots. Increase in parking rates by 50% for visitors from August 1 and introduction of paid parking for motorized two-wheelers … In her communication on the general parking conditions, Anne Hidalgo took stock of this consultation carried out between the October 20, 2020 and January 15, 2021 (15,000 contributions on the Internet) on the evolution of parking in Paris, both on pricing aspects and its place in the public space.

Socialists and environmentalists against the rest of the elected officials

His opponents stepped up to the plate on Tuesday at the Paris Council. “You claim to increase the cost of surface parking by more than 50%, in the name of the fight against global warming. You are only compensating for the drastic decrease in the number of parking spaces (70,000 spaces announced) and its shortfall, ”blasted Delphine Bürkli, co-president of the macronist group and mayor (DVD) of the 9th, specifying that she was in favor. payment for two-wheel parking. And to drive the point home: “There are therefore no objectives, but an exclusively accounting vision, which first of all penalizes the middle classes, the working classes and the craftsmen”.

Geoffroy Boulard, the mayor (LR) of the 17th century predicted a “nightmare” due to the scarcity of the parking supply. Maud Gatel, president of the MoDem, Democrats and Ecologists group called for “the inventory and opening of underground car parks, starting with those of donors and administrations”, a much larger pool available than the increase in road tariffs. Danielle Simonnet (LFI) also expressed her opposition and asked, among other things, for the municipalization of underground parking lots. Anne Hidalgo’s allies, in particular environmentalists, defended the measures taken which were adopted.


Paid parking twowheelers measure validated Paris Council

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