behind an excellent success rate in the first round, cascading hiccups

behind an excellent success rate in the first round, cascading hiccups
behind an excellent success rate in the first round, cascading hiccups

This year, the candidates will perhaps not be the only ones to breathe sighs of relief: with 90.5% admitted to the general, technological and vocational baccalaureates, the overwhelming majority of the 703,700 high school students who came to the exam can, in fact, go on vacation with a light heart. For the others, it will be necessary to work on the oral catch-up before the final results of the second round, Friday July 9. These results, down 1.6 points compared to a 2020 session already marked by Covid, remain well above a “normal” session. In 2019, 77.7% of candidates were admitted in the first round. A slight dropout is felt among vocational baccalaureate holders, who are now only 82% to be admitted, down 5.9 points compared to 2020. As for graduates in technological fields, 89% have their baccalaureate. first shot, down 1.2 points.

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But this again exceptional score also comes at the end of a session which teachers and principals believed they would never see the end of. Until the last moment, the 2021 baccalaureate will have been peppered with incidents, after a school year already marked by various adjustments. “It’s the worst baccalaureate session we’ve ever experienced, when it should have been the easiest to organize”, tackle Bruno Bobkiewicz, general secretary of SNPDEN-UNSA, the majority union of heads of establishments.

The display of grades disrupted in high schools

After passing half-gauges at the beginning of November, the high school students learned of the cancellation of the “joint evaluations” and of the specialty tests, which were supposed to take place in early March. With an examination now at 84% in the continuous assessment, the candidates worked, on June 17, on the only test maintained, philosophy, and took the grand oral, the new test of the “bac Blanquer”. These oral examinations at the end of June were accompanied by their share of inconsistencies, in particular in the convening of juries and the composition of pairs responsible for evaluating the students.

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And now, on the morning of July 6, when many high schools had to reveal the results from 10 am, the platform for accessing grades, called “Cyclades”, remained inaccessible. Both for the candidates, who had to be able to read their results from their personal spaces, and for the heads of establishments, supposed to draw from them the lists of admissions, accompanied by the mentions, which one then sticks on the facades of the establishments .

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