Steelrising: Spiders unveils release window and combat preview

Game news Steelrising: Spiders unveils release window and combat preview

Published on 07/06/2021 8:06 PM

Announced last year, Steelrising is the new production of Spiders, the French studio behind Greedfall. This time, we are moving away from the RPG action to move towards a title that is more towards souls-like. During Nacon Connect, Spiders unveiled a pretty crisp release window and some new footage.

Jehanne Rousseau, Founder and Creative Director of the studio, today announced that Steelrising will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in June 2022. The exact date remains to be defined, but we were treated to a new trailer, highlighting the universe and the fights of the title. The latter will take place in an uchronic Paris, while the Revolution of 1789 is in full swing. In this alternative version, the world already has automatons, and the players will embody one, called Agis. He is mandated by Queen Marie-Antoinette, and will have to cross Paris to help the revolutionaries. Unfortunately, King Louis XVI also has his army of automatons, giving rise to many clashes that we are told as demanding and particularly nervous. Endowed with a marked artistic direction, the title was also illustrated this evening through a series of works highlighting the design of certain automatons which will cross the road of the players, as well as the universe. The proposal seems to intrigue the public, it remains to be seen whether the gameplay will live up to the proposal.

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Steelrising Spiders unveils release window combat preview

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