the TOP of real high-tech deals at Amazon and Cdiscount

the TOP of real high-tech deals at Amazon and Cdiscount
the TOP of real high-tech deals at Amazon and Cdiscount

There is only one small day left before the first markdown. Admit that we weren’t expecting it so quickly, but it is true that the 2021 Sales have already started 6 days ago. So many offers have come in all directions that it has deprived us of any notion of time. But it’s time to come to our senses, a new stage in these Summer Sales is about to begin.

What to expect from this first markdown? Ever lower prices. It is a little obvious but it is worth remembering. Online resellers like Amazon or Cdiscount will take great pleasure in lowering the prices of some of the products in their catalog a little more to allow you even more savings. Did you think that this Xiaomi smartphone or this Sony connected speaker could not be cheaper? Hang on your seatbelts, the prices of the most prestigious products will once again drop from Wednesday July 7.

E-merchants will also offer new products on Sale with references that had not yet been presented during the period. Online merchants obviously have beautiful surprises that are jealously guarded to punctuate the Sales period, which spans four weeks in total. New Xiaomi smartphones, for example, have not yet shown the tip of their OLED screens and we know that the brand is one of the most popular during each promotional period. It is not forbidden to think that some very attractive models will come to line the virtual shelves of our favorite stores at discounted prices.

We can also imagine a big focus on laptops, which were undoubtedly the preferred products of customers during the period of containment. Formerly considered too traditional, too vintage by a certain number of users, laptops have now won back the favor of a public who has rediscovered all the advantages of them in a telecommuting situation. Laptops, there is something for all customers and at all prices. We have not yet seen a lot of them during the Sales and we can say without going too far that e-merchants still have some great nuggets to offer you during this second markdown at unbeatable prices. If you want to prepare your return to school in advance, wait a few more days, we bet that you will find what you are looking for and earn a few dozen euros more.

Finally, connected objects are very popular with customers who want to spend an active holiday or simply prepare for a more sporting start to the school year. Bracelets or connected watches, these small devices very affordable during the Sales allow you to track your number of steps and your physical condition on a daily basis and encourage you to move more. Don’t wait a single second to discover all their advantages too, but only at the best price available only during the 2021 Summer Sales.

For others, the reductions should be even more impressive, especially since e-merchants still have a number of devices in stock today. So beware, we have seen some stock shortages occur from the first days on very specific and highly demanded products. For the vast majority of cases, however, we are still a long way from the shortage. The Sales, we repeat, have only started six days ago and while customers are already jostling at the gate to spend their savings on great high-tech products, there are still plenty of good deals to be made right now.

Over the next few days, offers should become scarce, so it will be necessary to be quick not to let your smartphone, PC or even the headphones of your dreams bitten by more determined customers. Day after day, and it is the hard law of the Balances, the warehouses start to empty slowly and surely. Do you want to buy this product? Is it this one and no other? No time to waste to order at the best price. A few hours or days of hesitation and it will probably be too late to find it at this attractive price.

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