Linky counter: beware of this “update scam” of which the Bretons were victims

Linky counter: beware of this “update scam” of which the Bretons were victims
Linky counter: beware of this “update scam” of which the Bretons were victims

SCAM – Fake Enedis agents promising an update of the electricity meter are taking out fake subscriptions to their victims. They have just made several in the Côtes-d’Armor.

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They presented themselves as Enedis agents and nearly ten residents of a residence in Saint-Brieuc trusted them. Under the pretext of updating their Linky counter, these fake agents have trapped several people by making them take out new subscriptions. The sum was then taken directly from the bank account of the victims of this abusive canvassing. “I gave my RIB a little reluctantly, but gave it anyway. And I signed …“, says one of them in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

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It was Jocelyn, another resident, who sounded the alert. “I followed them into the residence and saw that they did not have an identified truck. So I told the neighbor about it and the neighbor said straight away”well, we will call the town hall, we will call the police station, she explains in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

Following this alert, the town hall called on its inhabitants to be vigilant. In France, nearly 35 million Linky meters are installed, representing as many possible scams. However, it is easy to guard against it. An Enedis agent must necessarily have a badge. Each intervention is scheduled by mail for at least fifteen days and the intervention must be free.

In addition, except in the event of a breakdown, the meter does not require any intervention. “We do not need to come to update it, it updates itself. Above all, it practices what is called automatic reading, that is to say that a Linky meter no longer needs to be raised “, insists the customer director at Enedis, Eric Salomon.

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In case of doubt, this telephone number is at your disposal: 0970831970. In particular, it allows you to find out if an intervention is planned at your home.

In addition, abusive canvassing is penalized. The fines can go up to 375,000 euros and represent up to 10% of the turnover of the convicted company, in particular if the scams target vulnerable consumers (the elderly, the disabled, etc.).

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Linky counter beware update scam Bretons victims

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