Xavier Bertrand still refuses to participate in a right-wing primary

Xavier Bertrand still refuses to participate in a right-wing primary
Xavier Bertrand still refuses to participate in a right-wing primary

Invited to the TF1 newscast, the ex-LR president of Hauts-de-France assured that there would nevertheless be only “a candidate of the republican right”.

It is a choice of “consistency“. Invited during the TF1 newscast, the president of Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand, reiterated his desire not to be a candidate for the right-wing primary. “I am a candidate for the presidential election, I am a candidate to be President of the Republic», He asserted.

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The puzzle continues. Gathered in political office on Tuesday, The Republicans focused on the collective and recorded their calendar to designate their future candidate. In a column published in Le Figaro , Valérie Pécresse (ex-LR), Laurent Wauquiez (LR), Bruno Retailleau (LR) and Hervé Morin (Les Centristes) also called for the organization of a primary. But nothing helps. “In consistency, I am not a candidate for a primary», Declared Xavier Bertrand again.

«The primary did not leave only good memories on the right, it was a source of divisions, and last time all those who went through a primary were eliminated in the first round of the election», Continued the elected representative of Hauts-de-France. Although refusing the strategy of his former political family, Xavier Bertrand said he wanted “bring together“And”find the best possible team». «I want to bring together the talents of the right who have already exercised responsibilities, but also new faces. It will be necessary to gather more widely“, However added the candidate.

“My friends The Republicans will take their responsibilities”

Without his participation, the organization of a primary could therefore lead the right to present two candidates in 2022. Despite this possibility, Xavier Bertrand was particularly confident. “I am convinced that the candidate of the Republican right, there will be only one, that he will be qualified for the second round and that he will win the presidential election“, He assured. Before sliding: “My friends Republicans will take responsibility.»

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Less than a year from the final deadline, Xavier Bertrand once again recalled the main orientations of his program: “I will be a candidate for a single term, only five years to really restore the country without constraints and without calculation, being accountable to the French alone.“For this summer, the elected official has already announced that he will meet the people. “I am convinced that it is now that we must do it and that we must not waste time“, He warned, while a right-wing primary would take place next November.

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