Radio: after Europe 1, Patrick Cohen joins France Culture

Radio: after Europe 1, Patrick Cohen joins France Culture
Radio: after Europe 1, Patrick Cohen joins France Culture

Return to the public service box for Patrick Cohen, who had energized the morning of France Inter from 2010 to 2017. At the start of the school year, it is at the microphone of France Culture that listeners will find the 58-year-old journalist. According to our information, Patrick Cohen will present “Public Spirit”. He replaces Émilie Aubry who will devote herself fully to Arte, where she embodies the geopolitical magazine “Le Dessous des Cartes”, on Saturday at 7:30 pm. “Patrick, it was obvious, confirms Sandrine Treiner, director of the station. He is a great personality in the public service, who has a taste for politics, information and knowledge. When Émilie told me it would be too much for her, I only thought of him. “

Broadcast on Sundays from 11 am to noon, “l’Esprit public” puts political news into perspective, with a touch of impertinence while respecting each other’s words. It is up to Patrick Cohen to maintain the quality of the debate. “We wanted someone who was not afraid to tackle all subjects, even those which divide, adds Sandrine Treiner. But in a serene way. The idea is to demilitarize the exchanges, in a context of verbal violence. This is also what makes the public spirit an exception. “

Become a figure of the strike at Europe 1

It’s a nice rebound for Patrick Cohen, who, in recent days, has been one of the emblematic figures of the strike at Europe 1. At the height of the conflict, the presenter of “Europe Midi” spoke in general assembly to denounce “such a level of humiliation and violence for the editorial teams” and to describe the morning provided by the non-strikers as “unworthy and indigent”.

A few days later, he put a layer in front of the headquarters of Lagardère News, pointing the finger at a new model which seeks “to create controversies, fractures, to pit one part of France against the other, including by hate calls tried by the courts (Editor’s note: in reference to Éric Zemmour) “. And to add, applauded by a crowd made up of employees and former voices, such as Anne Sinclair and Nicolas Poincaré: “This is what we refuse. He finally accepted his conditions of departure, including a confidentiality clause. It is Romain Desarbres, the morning man from CNews, who will take his microphone.

Another recruit on the side of France Culture, which has decided to strengthen its game with the approach of the presidential election: Nora Hamadi. Since September 2018, this journalist, passed by iTélé, Franceinfo and Public Senate, presents the program “Vox Pop” on Arte on Sunday evening at 8:05 pm. On the radio, she will henceforth be at the helm of a new program, on Saturdays from noon to 12:30 pm, provisionally entitled “Under the radars of politics”. “Surrounded by guests, she will decipher substantive subjects which are not yet visible to politicians”, specifies the boss of France Culture. From 12:45 to 13:30, it is then Grégory Philipps, ex-correspondent of Radio France in Washington, who will arrive on the antenna with a big interview. He is also appointed deputy editor in charge of digital development, including podcasts.


Radio Europe Patrick Cohen joins France Culture

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