Covid-19: why will some nightclubs remain closed this summer?

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For some nightclub managers, it’s not yet time to party. While France is gradually deconfining since May 3, 2021, nightclubs will have to wait until Friday July 9 in order to reopen their doors, subject to conditions. Faced with these constraints, some boxes will not reopen for several more weeks.

Like an air of the day after the evening. After the relief linked to the announcement of the reopening of nightclubs, some nightclub managers had to face, with bitterness, the many health constraints that will be imposed on them on July 9.

In the Aveyron, the owners of discotheques have decided in unison to remain closed doors. If they were to reopen, strict health constraints would prevent their establishments from being profitable. Nightclubs will only be allowed to reopen with a 75% gauge. It will also be necessary to present a health pass which attests to a complete vaccination cycle, or else with a negative antigen test.

These health constraints exasperate Jean-Michel Lemourier, manager of the Privilège in Rodez. Asked by La Dépêche du Midi, he denounces an overly restrictive health pass: “Our core target are young people, and at present, very few of them are vaccinated. About 15 days ago, we were at 12% of the 20 -45 years vaccinated in Aveyron “. Jean-Michel Lemourier adds: “We will have to refuse people”. The owners of nightclubs have therefore taken the decision to reopen only at the start of the school year, hoping that the sanitary constraints have fallen.

Note that until August 16, establishments that choose to remain closed will be able to receive the equivalent of 20% of the turnover achieved in 2019.

A hoped-for rapid reopening

Contacted by La Dépêche du Midi, the Union Chamber of Musical, Festive and Night Venues (CSLMF) explains that “a large number of nightclubs will not reopen, including in Paris”. Rebecca, the general delegate, explains that the question of profitability is very important in these decisions to remain closed, as is the lack of staff.

The general delegate of the CSLMF admits to hoping for a reopening of nightclubs at the start of the September school year, but she is however skeptical of a rapid reopening or the lowering of the gauges in the discotheques. In question: the appearance of variants of the virus, which could further delay the total reopening of the dancefloors.


Covid19 nightclubs remain closed summer

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