Vaccines against Covid-19: in France, appointments have jumped by 40% in one week

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According to the Ministry of Health, appointments to be vaccinated against Covid-19 have increased in recent days. Health officials say they rose 40% in one week on Monday.

A real “commotion of combat”: in the words of the Ministry of Health, these last days have been akin to a real communication battle to encourage the French to return to be vaccinated in large numbers. And for good reason: candidates for vaccination, inclined to a first injection, are becoming less numerous: “there is a decrease in the volume of the first injections, particularly marked for two weeks now”, describes the Ministry of Health.

The figures speak for themselves: between May 14 and May 21, 2,843,566 people received a first injection of the vaccine.

According to the latest data communicated by Public Health France, between June 27 and July 4, there were only 1,117,629 candidates for primary vaccination, that is to say a drop of more than 60% in a month and a half. The rate of first-time injections has been steadily decreasing for a month now: a bad omen in short when the government promised a “syringe” summer.

The rebound in appointment booking

So we had to play together to make vaccination a place in the summer planning of the French. For two weeks, the government has been playing communication campaigns, ephemeral vaccination operations and injections organized on the very resort grounds. And finally, while the variant is made all the more threatening on the health situation of the country, the authorities are enthusiastic about a “shudder” with regard to the scheduling of appointments. This Monday, July 5, reservations for first-time injections have “jumped” by 40% in one week.

Yesterday, appointments for a first vaccination increased by 40%!
In Giverny, at the Avignon festival, in a bus for seasonal agricultural workers, below your home … vaccination is close to you to continue the fight against the virus.

– Olivier Véran (@olivierveran)

On average, over the last few days, the health authorities have noted an increase of around 10% per week “in appointments made on the platforms Doctolib and Keldoc. Even more surprisingly, between 15 and 18% of reservations were made by people who have already been infected with the virus: these candidates will only be the subject of a single injection.

If this surge in reservations suggests a rebound in first-time injections in the coming days, the government intends to perpetuate the phenomenon: “This trend must be confirmed in the days to come,” says the Ministry of Health. The objective: to pass the 40 million mark for first-time vaccinations by the end of August For the time being, France has more than 34 million.


Vaccines Covid19 France appointments jumped week

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