Racist aggression in Dole: the septuagenarian sentenced to three years in prison

Racist aggression in Dole: the septuagenarian sentenced to three years in prison
Racist aggression in Dole: the septuagenarian sentenced to three years in prison

The images, violent, had shocked. The 72-year-old man who had driven in the car on a father after calling him a “dirty bicot” in April in Dole (Jura), was sentenced Tuesday to five years imprisonment, including two years with stay.

The sentence pronounced is much higher than the requisitions of the prosecutor of Lons-le-Saunier, Lionel Pascal, who had asked during the hearing on June 22 six months in prison, two of which were suspended.

An arrest warrant was issued against the septuagenarian, found guilty of “willful violence with a weapon and racist insults”. He will be imprisoned at the Lons-le-Saunier remand center. “The court of Lons-le-Saunier took the measure of the aggression and pronounced a very significant sentence”, welcomed the lawyer of Adil Sefrioui, Me Randall Schwerdorffer.

Mr. Sefrioui, 42, was being prosecuted for insult, violence and degradation. He was acquitted of the facts of degradation and sentenced to a fine of 600 euros, including 200 euros suspended, for the other facts.

“I wanted to scare him”

On April 21 in Dole, the Sefrioui couple are at home when they see a man who seems to be taking pictures of their children in the garden. Suspicious, the couple seeks an explanation. A verbal then physical altercation ensues.

Ms. Sefrioui films part of the scene, which she will then broadcast on social networks and which was viewed during the trial. “Approach dirty bicot, (…) take you in front of the car”, we can hear the retiree moaning who then gets back into his car and seems to be leaving.

But the car turns around and rushes at Mr. Sefrioui, thrown on the hood while the vehicle stops by smashing the fence of the garden of the family where the children are. The video is chilling. The defense will argue that it is partial and does not show the whole previous altercation where the septuagenarian was “insulted, hit”.

Adil Sefrioui, still very distressed, suffered from several fractures and benefited from a temporary interruption of work (ITT) of 30 days. “I wanted to scare him. Under the influence of anger, we do stupid things, ”explained the retiree to the police, claiming to have lost control of the vehicle.

The septuagenarian did not appear at the hearing on June 22. La Licra, SOS racisme and the Coordination against racism and Islamophobia were civil parties.


Racist aggression Dole septuagenarian sentenced years prison

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