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After the future BMW 7 Series sedan and the BMW M8 CSL, and a first burst of images revealing the silhouette of the next luxury SUV (the most upscale to date!) BMW X8, the monster has once again been seen near the Nürburgring. Always so well camouflaged, the imposing X8 M45e (presumed) loses a little make-up on the side of the exhaust, which reveals two unpublished double exits staged on the left and on the right, vertically. However, this is the one and only additional detail compared to the first appearance of the SUV, which still hides very well its various design elements such as the front face (which probably takes over the grille of the X7) and its new hood, or the taillights, light years from their final shape (well done BMW). Although it is registered differently from the last time, the BMW X8 M45e still has the word “Hybrid Test Vehicle” on the front doors and on the rear bumper. Moreover, we are still speculating on a new visual identity, carried by lower headlights and redesigned air intakes. Still no preview of the interior at the moment.

BMW X8 M45e and X8 M: performance maintained

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BMW X8 | The new spy shots of the luxury SUV

The future BMW X8 M45e (2022) under camouflageCredit Photo – Automedia

Be careful, we are talking about performance on paper. The rumors paper to be confirmed. There is indeed no new technical information to learn at the moment. Our electrified M45e prototype would still be equipped with the same engine as the BMW 745e: a supercharged 3.0 6-cylinder coupled to a 389 horsepower electric motor, and a 12 kWh battery providing 25 km of fully electric range. The X8 being developed by the BMW M department, we can also expect an ultra-sporty and ultra-luxurious BMW X8 M version that is even more powerful and statutory. The whole developing the trifle of 750 horses to hold the – very – top of the basket. Finally, the tire rise observed remains in Pirelli P Zero of 275 at the front, and 315 at the rear. Perhaps the future BMW X8 will drop the camouflage before its next appearance? Stay tuned.

In short

Still no official information on its existence, but new camouflaged pictures of the future BMW X8 which was captured by spy photographers on the Nürburgring. In the absence of unveiling new design elements (the mule redoubles its inventiveness to camouflage the taillights and the front face), the existence of the SUV is indeed confirmed, beyond a “simple” facelift of X7. Evidenced by its flatter lines and its larger size, which could however take the grille grids of its predecessor. Still marked “Hybrid Test Vehicle”, the luxury SUV still lets us see its unique dual staged exhaust, hidden until now. Potentially offered in a version with 4 or 5 seats (no third row), the SUV in the photos could be the BMW X8 M45e (we speculate, we speculate), equipped with a 3.0 6-cylinder combined with a 389 electric motor. horses. We can’t wait to discover the real lines of the beast.


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