Xiaomi imagines a Redmi smartphone in a foldable clamshell format

Xiaomi has obtained a patent to protect the idea of ​​a folding smartphone in the same format as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for illustration // Source: Frandroid

It has long been known that Xiaomi is working on different formats of foldable smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer even released a first model, the Mi Mix Fold, last March. Nevertheless, it seems that the firm is not ready to stop there.

As the Dutch site LetsGoDigital spotted, Xiaomi was granted a patent in early July aimed at protecting a smartphone with a horizontal bend. Like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr 5G, the smartphone would have a classic phone size, with an elongated screen, and could fold up on itself vertically – like a flip phone – for storage. easily in a pocket or purse.

However, the patent does not feature any screen on the outside once the smartphone is folded up, unlike models from Samsung or Motorola.

Obtained on July 2 from the National Intellectual Property Office in China, the patent also features some elements in addition to the horizontal fold. We can see in particular a punch that can accommodate two cameras in the upper left corner of the screen. Above all, it is the photo module on the back that calls out with its round shape. What reminds the design of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T.

A project still at the simple patent stage

For now, this is only a patent obtained by Xiaomi and not a finalized product. It is common for manufacturers to file patent applications in order to protect an idea, technology or smartphone design. This certainly means that they are working on this track, but not necessarily that it will result in a device marketed to the general public.

Nevertheless, it has long been known that Xiaomi has a keen interest in folding screen smartphones. Even before the announcement of the Mi Mix Fold, the manufacturer had published a video in which we could discover a smartphone with two folds to develop in tablet format.

In addition, the Chinese brand is well known for bringing to the mid-range technologies that have so far only been available on high-end devices. It is therefore not completely excluded that Xiaomi will seek to offer a folding smartphone at a much more attractive price in the future.

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