40% increase in appointments for primary vaccinations

40% increase in appointments for primary vaccinations
40% increase in appointments for primary vaccinations

Appointments for primary vaccinations increased by 40% compared to the previous week. The executive hopes to see this increase continue with a target of 40 million French people first vaccinated by the end of August.

We are witnessing a “shudder” in the making of first anti-Covid vaccination appointments, the Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday, noting for example a 40% jump on Monday compared to the previous week.

“Monday was a good day, with a fairly strong increase in appointments of around 40% on the Doctolib site”, over a week, we told the ministry during a briefing. It is a “thrill rather than a start but it goes in the right direction”.

“This return to primary vaccination must be confirmed and continued” because there remains, as in previous weeks, “about 300,000 vacant appointments (available but not taken) on the sites over three days”, or about 100,000 per day, the same source said. This is also explained by an increase in the slots made available.

Target of 40 million French people vaccinated by the end of August

According to the ministry, there has been a rebound effect, with an increase of 10% to 20% per week for the past two weeks, after a “sharp drop in appointments for first-time injections observed two years ago. or three weeks “.

For the week of July 5, the ministry, which underlined the very great availability of doses, plans as the previous week, about 4 million injections including 1.5 million first-time injections and a majority of second doses.

The authorities recalled the objective which is to vaccinate 40 million French people and three quarters of adults for the first injection by the end of August and achieve 35 million complete vaccination schedules, or two thirds of adults.

Ephemeral vaccination centers during festivals

According to the ministry, there are 4.6 million people over the age of 55 who have not yet been vaccinated. The authorities underlined the possibility of carrying out a second dose at his place of vacation and the multiplicity of devices put in place to offer vaccination, including to the most precarious and more fragile, with the “go to” operation.

Officials cited the establishment of ephemeral vaccination centers at festivals (Avignon, Perpignan, Printemps de Bourges), in shopping centers in the Paris region and on sites such as Giverny.

Many other operations are organized such as a vaccibus for seasonal agricultural workers and tourists in Gironde, or mobile centers to vaccinate in small villages in the Landes or Indre-et-Loire.

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