Innate Pharma in sharp decline, failure against the Covid

Innate Pharma in sharp decline, failure against the Covid
Innate Pharma in sharp decline, failure against the Covid

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(AOF) – Innate Pharma falls by more than 8% to 2.82 euros, penalized by the failure of its drug candidate likely to treat patients with severe pneumonia due to Covid 19. The phase independent clinical trial 2 evaluating the safety and efficacy of avdoralimab, its anti-C5aR1 antibody, did not achieve its main objectives. This trial was initiated on the preclinical database showing activation of the C5a / C5aR1 pathway in patients who progress to a severe form of Covid.

This activation of the C5a / C5aR1 pathway was observed during the clinical trial but without giving rise to a clinical benefit greater than the best supportive care.

The trial investigators and the independent monitoring and follow-up committee observed a slightly higher number of deaths in the active arm than in the placebo arm, without causality being established. The results of this trial, including translational data, will be submitted for publication.

Based on these results, The company will stop the evaluation of avdoralimab in Covid-19. The results shared today have no impact on the independent Phase 2 clinical trial being recruited in bullous pemphigoid, an inflammatory disease.

Over 100 patients have been treated with avdoralimab to date in clinical trials in oncology and in various inflammatory diseases without any new or unexpected signs of intolerance.


Clinical trials (Phases I, II, III)

Phase I: testing of the molecule on a small scale in humans to assess its safety, tolerance, metabolic and pharmacological properties.

Phase II: safety and efficacy evaluation on several hundred patients to identify side effects.

Phase III: evaluation of the overall benefit / risk ratio in several thousand patients.


Excellent prospects for the sector

According to Moody’s, the turnover of the sector should increase by 4 to 6% in 2021, against 2 to 4% initially forecast.

The top five vaccine manufacturers (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Novavax and Johnson & Johnson) should benefit greatly from this growth, even if there are uncertainties about production capacities. Treatment manufacturers (Gilead, Eli Lilly and Regeneron in particular) should not be left out.

Alongside the opportunities there are also threats, one of which is potential price reductions, in particular in the United States, the world’s largest market. The rise of biosimilars (generics of biological drugs) should also help pull prices down.

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