FISHING INFO. In Toulouse, a mother indicted for prostituting her two daughters

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Investigators from the Toulouse Saint-Michel research brigade interviewed a 36-year-old woman at the end of last week. This mother is suspected of having sold the charms of her two daughters. She would have collected nearly € 20,000 in one year.

In this case, the gendarmes went from surprise to surprise. A 36-year-old woman was finally indicted for aggravated pimping on Friday evening. This mother of eight is suspected of having prostituted two of her daughters.

At the start of the investigation, at the end of June, a man consumed with concern presented himself to the Saint-Jory gendarmerie. His wife and 16-year-old daughter had been missing for 48 hours, he was afraid. After this report, the gendarmes of the brigade community worked to find the two protagonists. Despite the resources deployed, their research yielded nothing for five days. Then the mother and her daughter reappeared.

She says to be kidnapped

The swollen face, the thirty-something explained to investigators that she and her daughter had been kidnapped and kidnapped for several days, before managing to escape. Statements taken very seriously by the military who have stepped up the investigations to find the culprits.

After hearing the mother, the police listened very carefully to the other victim, her 16-year-old daughter. During the interrogation, the teenager delivered a very different version of events. According to her, they went abroad for a few days with her mother’s lover and friends to have a good time. Far from the sequestration scenario therefore …

This small business would have brought in nearly € 20,000 in one year

After these first revelations, the Toulouse prosecutor’s office decided to open a judicial investigation. The examining magistrate entrusted the investigations to the research brigade of the Toulouse Saint-Michel company. New twist last week: hearing many witnesses, the sleuths of the gendarmerie brought to light a “family” prostitution network.

The 16-year-old girl reportedly disclosed that her 18-year-old older sister had been prostituting herself for several months and made her do the same. Under the supervision of the mother, who also took care of posting naughty ads on the internet, the two girls, aged 18 and 16, welcomed clients to an apartment for sexual services. The money collected, around € 20,000 in one year according to estimates, would then have ended up in the pockets of the mother and the daughters.

The mother denies everything

At an umpteenth hearing at the end of last week, the shocked mother denied being a pimp. Assisted by Me Yves Carmona, his lawyer who refused to comment, the indictment of 36 was finally presented to the Toulouse prosecutor’s office. After her indictment, she was remanded in custody. The husband, described as a man who spends a lot of time in his business, assures us that he was not informed of anything. Is it true ? What role did the eldest daughter play? Investigations are now continuing on the basis of letters rogatory.


FISHING INFO Toulouse mother indicted prostituting daughters

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