Emmanuel Macron wants to keep his campaign promise

Emmanuel Macron wants to keep his campaign promise
Emmanuel Macron wants to keep his campaign promise
Emmanuel Macron receives the social partners at the Elysee Palace this Tuesday. On the agenda, among other things, the explosive pension reform. A campaign promise that the Head of State intends to keep, despite a complex calendar, a few months before the 2022 presidential election.

This Tuesday the social partners have an appointment at the Elysee Palace to take stock of various subjects, including that of pensions. The eight leaders of trade union and employer organizations are invited at the end of the morning. If the reform was suspended during the Covid-19 health crisis, Emmanuel Macron would like to relaunch it before the end of the five-year term. But a few months before the presidential election, the bet is risky. Difficult to know what the President of the Republic has in mind.

A campaign promise

This reform was a campaign promise from candidate Emmanuel Macron. With the approach of a new national election, the Head of State wants to prevent the right wing of the political spectrum from criticizing him for not having held it. He wants to carry out this reform, even if the scope of the work will certainly be reduced.

Emmanuel Macron keeps repeating that the status quo is no longer possible and this system is no longer in balance.

An expected speech

If the meeting should not result in announcements. “It’s really a listening meeting on several subjects,” said a government source. A speech by the President of the Republic is expected by mid-July, which should make it possible to set the course for the end of the five-year term, in particular on the reforms he wishes to launch and possibly on a “technical” reshuffle . Emmanuel Macron “will speak soon”, “probably” before July 14, government spokesman Gabriel Attal confirmed on Radio J on Sunday.

The reform is far from gaining unanimous support within the government. Among the favorable ministers, several are still skeptical about the calendar: the presidential election of 2022 is approaching and the Delta variant raises fears of an epidemic resumption.


Emmanuel Macron campaign promise

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