Why Guillaume Peltier, number 2 in the Republicans, is ousted from his post

Why Guillaume Peltier, number 2 in the Republicans, is ousted from his post
Why Guillaume Peltier, number 2 in the Republicans, is ousted from his post

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LR deputy Guillaume Peltier photographed during the Fête de la violette in August 2020.

POLITICS – The member for Loir-et-Cher has obviously gone too far. This Tuesday, July 6, Guillaume Peltier will be demoted from his position as number 2 of the Republicans, according to information from L’Opinion confirmed at HuffPost. A sanction that Christian Jacob will announce during the political bureau which is held at the end of the day. In question, the controversial outputs of this new support from Xavier Bertrand.

And more particularly the remarks made on May 30 on RTL, in which this former FN pleaded for the creation of an “exceptional justice” on terrorism with the establishment of a “preventive security court”, without possibility for convicts to appeal. A judicial arsenal undermining the principles of the rule of law to which Guillaume Peltier also added the possibility of leaving the European Court of Human Rights, going further than Marine Le Pen in this area.

During this program, the person had said he was ready to “work with Robert Ménard”, mayor of Béziers elected in 2014 with the support of the FN, and champion of the union of the rights. “It was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, his words on the 20% minimum wage increase in 2018 had already made the headquarters jump”, blows to the HuffPost a member of the political bureau, who affirms that Guillaume Peltier expected this sanction: “his boxes have been ready for several weeks”.

Replaced by a “consensus profile”

It is therefore not his recent support given to Xavier Bertrand for the presidential election that is at the origin of this demotion, but the freedom of tone of this troublemaker on the right and his exits from the party line. . To replace him, Christian Jacob would have opted for a “consensual profile” coming from the parliamentary world.

Several names are circulating to recover this post of deputy vice-president, from the LR MEP Agnès Evren to the deputy of Doubs Annie Genevard, who multiplies the muscular interventions in the National Assembly, on the occasion of the separatism bill. Two female profiles to which could be added that of Aurélien Pradié, current number 3. As for Guillaume Peltier, he will now sit among the eight vice-presidents of the party.

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