Disneyland Paris: Australian tourist asked to stop breastfeeding by security

Disneyland Paris: Australian tourist asked to stop breastfeeding by security
Disneyland Paris: Australian tourist asked to stop breastfeeding by security

It’s bad publicity that the giant amusement park, which has just reopened, would have gone well. This Tuesday, Marlène Schiappa, the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior of France, in charge of Citizenship, shared on the networks a message addressed to Disneyland Paris. “Breastfeeding a baby is not a crime. It is good that you have dedicated rooms, but we do not decide where and when a baby is going to be hungry. Don’t start stigmatizing mothers too, it’s hard enough everywhere else. Thank you in advance, ”says the member of the government.

At the origin of this tweet, a photo published by a user of the same social network who complained this Sunday to the management of the Seine-et-Marne park. “Yesterday (Editor’s note, Saturday) your security agents prevented a mother from breastfeeding her 2 month old baby on the grounds that it shocked foreign customers! In France, in July 2021! The offense of obstructing breastfeeding, where are we? », Irritates Marie.

His message then begins to be relayed by hundreds of Twitter users who ask the amusement park for explanations. Marie then specifies: “For information she was Australian, completely shocked and had a very bad experience that the security the sum to deliver the video she had made of their intervention”.

Monday evening, the park responds, still on Twitter. The management then wrote several critical comments under Marie’s message to specify that it “provides mothers with the baby care center (Editor’s note, nursery) with suitable and comfortable equipment such as special breastfeeding seats”. An unsatisfactory response, according to Marie.

To support her, she starts to breastfeed too

“Due to the Covid, there is a limited number of places in this area and sometimes the wait”, testifies the young mother from Val-de-Marne, whom we contacted. She explains to us that she was alerted while passing near this bench with her husband and her little boy.

“I felt that the lady was wrong, that she did not understand what was going on. I did not see him breastfeed but the security guards kept telling him over and over again that it was not allowed by the regulations, comparing it to wearing the obligatory mask. It has nothing to do with it, it pissed me off! », Says the one who is a psychiatrist in life.

She then decides to stop to discuss and support with this woman, twice a mother. “To fully support her, I sat on the bench with her and breastfed my child as well. The officers were speechless. They didn’t tell me anything and certainly didn’t want to make a scandal to end up with a crowd of nursing women, ”imagines Marie, who has not heard from this Australian mother, to whom she left her contact details. .

Disneyland Paris recognizes a mistake and apologizes

A visitor from the other side of the world who is talked about a lot and to whom Disneyland claims to have “apologized, after having resumed contact with her”. In the park, we recognize that the officers “should not have said that, that it is a mistake”.

In an attempt to put an end to this rising controversy on social networks, the official Disneyland Paris Twitter account wrote, this Tuesday at the end of the morning, a message of apology. “We deeply regret this situation and once again offer our sincere apologies to the mother concerned. The request made of it is not in line with our internal regulations and our values. There are no restrictions on breastfeeding at Disneyland Paris, ”he wrote.

And the park reminds, once again, that it makes available “to parents with young children different places of service within the destination for those who would prefer a dedicated place. Disneyland Paris is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all families ”.

The controversy also caused a reaction from the deputy of Val-d’Oise, Fiona Lazaar (ex-LREM), who wants the creation of an offense of obstructing breastfeeding in the public space, as well as a clarification of the law meaning without qualification that this practice is not a sexual exhibition therefore an offense. His bill has not yet been placed on Parliament’s agenda.

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