Racist insults against a Carrefour cashier: six months of house arrest for the client

Racist insults against a Carrefour cashier: six months of house arrest for the client
Racist insults against a Carrefour cashier: six months of house arrest for the client

RACISM – A caregiver, who had uttered racist insults against a cashier in a Carrefour store in Annemasse, near Geneva, was sentenced on Monday, July 5 to six months of house arrest under electronic surveillance.

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The video of the scene, widely distributed on social networks, had sparked outrage. Last month, a customer at a Carrefour store in Annemasse, near Geneva, used racist slurs against a cashier as she came out of the supermarket’s automatic checkouts.

This Monday, July 5, the client, a nursing assistant, was sentenced by the criminal court of Thonon-les-Bains (Haute-Savoie) to six months of home detention under electronic surveillance for theft and racist insults. The prosecutor Bruno Badré had required against him ten months in prison, six of which was closed, in order to punish “words that damage living together, that weaken the social pact that founds our society”.

Eleven convictions

Lilia Hafs, 34, acknowledged the insults captured on the 29-second video, where she can be heard throwing at the cashier “Dirty nigga go, dirty black woman! Only black people can do that. You see Africans like you, it makes you want to kill themr”.

At the bar, colorful sneakers and black clothes, the defendant apologizes, assures that her words “have exceeded [ses] thoughts “ and claims to have responded to insults allegedly uttered by the cashier, who was worried about a possible theft at the automatic cash register – theft of which the court finally found her guilty. “She assaulted me like I assaulted her”, she assured the president.

“Madame Hafsi is used to this behavior.t “, replied the prosecutor, reminding him of his eleven convictions entered in the criminal record, including a last in 2020 for theft and death threat on the vigil of a store in Grenoble. “Despite the months, she has not changed her behavior”, he regretted in his requisitions.

I was shaking; I did not know what to do; I couldn’t move anymore– The insulted cashier

“She humiliated us”, remembered the security guard at the bar, who had the scene on video. “We are proud to be black “, he added.

“I felt humiliated, belittled … I don’t even have the words to tell you”, the 49-year-old cashier testified. At the time of the insults, “I was shaking; I didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t move“. Since June 3, placed in an accident at work, she has not returned to work: “I’m afraid to take back”.

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Denouncing “the banal chronicle of ordinary racism”, his lawyer Emmanuel Daoud denounced an act “offensive to human dignity”. These insults are “like a bullet” dont “it takes time to heal“, he pleaded.

He likes it “is not in custody for such an event”, had for his part advanced David Metaxas, lawyer of Lilia Hafsi.

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Racist insults Carrefour cashier months house arrest client

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