11 winning projects of the call for projects “Food projects

11 winning projects of the call for projects “Food projects
11 winning projects of the call for projects “Food projects

Meeting at the end of June, the selection committee distinguished 11 applications among the 21 projects submitted in Guadeloupe which will benefit from financial support under the France Relance plan.

J. Rayapin (Intern)

Posted on July 6, 2021 at 5:00 a.m.

In March 2020, the Food, Agriculture and Forestry Department of Guadeloupe launched a call for projects within the framework of the “France Relance” plan, to encourage and finance structuring territorial projects for the Guadeloupe food system.
More than a year later, a budget of € 1,350,000 has been allocated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, for the implementation of these Guadeloupe projects, in line with the development plan. national revival.
Among these eleven projects, three of them are characterized by the emergence of territorial food projects (PAT), five others by actions within the framework of PAT, and three others by structuring actions outside the PAT.

Territorial food projects, a chance for farmers.

The territorial food projects (PAT), created 6 years ago, aim to promote the relocation of agriculture and food in the territories by supporting in particular the installation of farmers, short circuits or products premises in canteens.
The role of PATs is to accelerate the agricultural and food transition by bringing together producers, processors, distributors, local authorities and consumers. They respond to economic, environmental, health and cultural issues.
The goal of these projects, in addition to promoting the national economic recovery, is to structure local sectors but also to develop supply networks that improve the eating behavior of the population by promoting local consumption and that, from the start. younger age.
Enough to breathe new life into our farmers, who have been greatly affected since the start of this health crisis. According to INRAE, 69% of Guadeloupe farmers have experienced a reduction in the volume of their production; moreover 63% of them
were forced to increase the share of short circuits in their sales method, and more than a third of these lost part of their production because they were unable to sell it.

See: All the projects selected.

List of selected projects


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