France Bleu’s reading tips for the 2021 edition of Partir en Livre

Go to Book, it is the opportunity to meet books, authors who are not necessarily among the best known. The National Book Center, with the many publishers and partners of the event, therefore offers a bibliography for those curious about novelties and reading ideas, here are some good pages.

Reading tips 6-8 years old

For 6 – 8 years old

Yukio the child of the waves, by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo and Karine Daisay (Gallimardjeunesse)

In lack of inspiration, a writer goes to Japan, in the Yaeyama archipelago. On the beach of a small island, morning and evening, he meets a mysterious woman who tirelessly contemplates the sea. Little by little, the writer discovers the story of Mayumi and her son Yukio, a strange little boy who preferred the world of the sea to that of men …

The sea dog, by Marie-Aude Murail (The Leisure School)

It was a long time ago, in the time of the King of France and the corsairs. Jean, 9 years old, embarks as a boy aboard the “Chien des mers”. He leaves Saint-Malo and his fiancée to go and fight against the enemies of always: the English. The rat Balthazar is part of the journey … An adventure suitable for young readers, because in the kingdom of fairies and kings, nothing is impossible.

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Advice Leaving in Books 8-12 years old

For 8 – 12 years old

The kingdom of Kensuké, by Michael Morpurgo (Gallimard Jeunesse)

While sailing with his parents, a young boy falls into the water and is stranded on a seemingly deserted island. He is saved by a mysterious character, a Japanese soldier who since the war refuses to return to civilization. This beautiful modern robinsonnade is imbued with great psychological finesse and deep humanity.

Jim Curious, by Matthias Picard (Editions 2024)

Jim Curious is asleep, but something lands on his face … It’s a dragonfly, which flies away and flees through the living room mirror! Jim follows him and, suddenly, a powerful and ancestral forest faces him … In the heart of a labyrinthine mangrove, under the luminous foliage of a primary forest, at the feet of thousand-year-old pines, Jim the diver begins a new journey! He crosses a field of duckweed without disturbing the frogs and crocodiles, lets himself be guided towards the undergrowth by bewitching butterflies and advances into the jungle … Majestic and stretched towards the sky, tortuous or intriguing: the trees form the backdrop for this new three-dimensional journey! Monkeys, toucans, turtles, snakes: the forests vibrate with life, and these encounters punctuate the peaceful walk of Jim Curious. But, silently, the presence of man surfaces, surfaces, and questions …

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Book Tips 12+
Book Tips 12+

For ages 12 and over

Past midnight, by Emmanuelle Cosso (Sarbacane, Exprim “)

What happened to this celebration of December 31 on an uninhabited islet off the Île de Bréhat? Eve doesn’t remember! It’s amnesia, total darkness. And where is Leila, her best friend? Has bad luck happened to her as she foresees it? Why don’t we want to tell him the truth? Not to mention her father and her little brother who no longer live with her and her mother … The following year, Eve will do everything to recover her memory, alternating present moments and flashbacks. The outcome risks going beyond his nightmares… A psychological thriller full of tension!

A summer with Albert, by Marie Pavlenko (Flammarion Jeunesse)

“I love my grandmother, I even adore her, but must admit, in the international ranking of furious madness vacations, she is quite far behind camping with friends and the loves of vacations by the ocean. “

After the baccalaureate, Soledad’s summer was all mapped out. It was counting without the divorce of his parents and the onset of depression of his father. Radical change of atmosphere and direction the Pyrenees, at his grandmother’s. While Sol imagines his vacation doomed to a mortal boredom, an unexpected event completely upsets them. Between days in full sun and terrifying nights, Soledad will live an extraordinary summer.

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