discover the results in Hauts-de-France in one click thanks to our tool

discover the results in Hauts-de-France in one click thanks to our tool
discover the results in Hauts-de-France in one click thanks to our tool

The results of the 2021 bac fall Tuesday, July 6 morning. Like last year, the tests were turned upside down by the health situation, while 2021 was to inaugurate the new version of the most famous diploma in France. Discover the results in one click.

It was to be the first Blanquer version bin, the Covid-19 epidemic has turned everything upside down. Whatever, the results fall on Tuesday July 6 with always their share of surprise, joy, hope or disappointment.

For the Academies of Lille and Amiens, the results are published at 10 am. If you want to know the result of your loved ones, they are available here thanks to our tool. All you have to do is type in the first and last name and you’re done.

Historic results in 2020

This year for the first time, the Blanquer version made its debut. But like last year, the Covid-19 epidemic has passed this way. In 2020, the baccalaureate exams had been canceled and replaced by continuous assessment because of the high schools’ closure for too long.

This had given historic results from the first round. In the Académie de Picardie, the success rate in the general bac was 97.3% (+7.4 points compared to 2019), 94.5% in the technological bac (+8.1 points) and 88 , 3% in vocational baccalaureate (+8.8 points). Across the Amiens Academy as a whole, 94.10% of final graduates had their baccalaureate (+7.9 points).

On the side of the Academy of Lille, 94.6% of terminales all sectors combined took the baccalaureate in 2020. For the general baccalaureate, the success rate was 97.5% (+7.2 points compared to to 2019). 94% for technological baccalaureate (+5.7 points) and 90.2% for professional baccalaureate (+8.8 points).

A 2021 vat turned upside down

This year, the government wanted the events to take place.

Faced with the crisis, the calendar of the 2021 baccalaureate exams has been changed. Common and specialty tests are canceled in favor of continuous assessment. Only the philosophy tests and the grand oral, a new test of the Blanquer reform, are maintained.

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