The city of Paris gives up its choices of street furniture

The city of Paris gives up its choices of street furniture
The city of Paris gives up its choices of street furniture

Improbable public benches, dirt in the streets, improvised cycle paths … For several months, criticism has been raining down on the town hall of the capital.

Strongly attacked by Anne Hidalgo, who saw it as a maneuver of the extreme right, saccageparis was not wrong … This movement experienced this spring a real runaway on social networks, denouncing the dirtiness of the streets, the faults of taste in the choice of street furniture and, more generally, a real let go of the capital.

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The city ultimately endorses some of these criticisms. At a press conference on Monday, she presented eight measures resulting from a reflection involving experts and the population, but actually echoing the denunciations of this spontaneous movement. Unleashed for weeks on the web, Parisians had, with thousands of accusing photos, shown Paris in a very dirty state. Rubbish in the streets, tags on the walls, distressing furniture, dilapidated red lights, cycle paths with excruciating yellow studs… Everything was there.

A more muscular cleaning

By announcing what was going to change in the public space, the first deputy, Emmanuel Grégoire, seemed to provide an answer to all these criticisms. While a census of historic street furniture will be, he said, carried out next September, installations for which Parisians had cried out will disappear. This is the case with the so-called “ mushroom “, But also benches” mikado», These pieces of wood which have blossomed here and there to sit on.“These modern benches are quite rejected”,said Emmanuel Grégoire, referring to the results of the consultation carried out by the city with the population“For a new Parisian aesthetic”.

The permits for revegetation at the foot of trees granted to local residents to cultivate crops will also be reconsidered. Not maintained, these flowerbeds very often turn into a mini-wasteland or dump. To put an end to it, the city will provide “soil, seeds and technical support», Decided Christophe Najdovski, the deputy in charge of green spaces.

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In addition, a significant effort in the maintenance of public lighting has been announced and, as has already been indicated, the 60 kilometers of “coronapistesWill be perpetuated. But the ugly yellow plots and concrete blocks put in place to make cycling trips safer will disappear, replaced by signage blending into the landscape.

Finally, a more muscular cleaning of the streets will be carried out, as the assistant in charge of cleanliness, Colombe Brossel, underlined during this conference where saccageparis was necessarily mentioned. “All that says” this movement “is not wrong in itself, but it is excessive“, Indicated Emmanuel Grégoire, also speaking”an instrumentalisation“Of this grumbling”by political opponents».

Anyway, saccageparis, far from giving up, is now structured by giving birth to a new association, the Union Parisienne. For the first time, the latter is also organizing a demonstration on Tuesday in front of the Town Hall. Because if efforts are made to maintain and beautify the capital, everything is not settled, according to its organizers, who want to keep the pressure on the municipal team.

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