Rubble, cigarette butt, dog poop… Obernai votes a flat-rate fine of 1,000 euros “for each deposit” of waste

In Obernai, we no longer laugh with waste. Their deposit on the public highway of this Alsatian city are, since July 1, liable to a fine of 1,000 euros. With this sanction, this tourist town hopes to dissuade the usual offenders.

“Like many communities in France, Obernai is more and more confronted with the phenomenon of” wild deposits “, a scourge which constitutes a marked incivility and an attack on the environment”, indicates the website of this town in the Bas-Rhin.

Flat-rate fine of 1,000 euros “for each deposit” of waste

Despite several “awareness-raising and educational campaigns, too much waste, cigarette ends, dog excrement and other refuse such as tires, construction materials or rubble, are illegally abandoned in the city or in nature, often with a feeling of impunity of the perpetrators ”, still deplores the town hall.

“Determined to systematically pursue […] any person being guilty of this type of reprehensible act “, the city adopted in municipal council on June 28 a deliberation aiming to establish a fixed fine of 1000 euros” for each deposit “of waste. This fine is therefore effective since July 1.

” Fed up ! “

“After the first phase of deconfinement […], we had a resurgence for several weeks of unparalleled incivilities, “annoyed the mayor The Republicans Bernard Fischer, during the city council, whose registration is visible on the website of the town hall. “It’s enough that there is 1, 2, 3% of the population […] who “fuck” everyone else. Fed up ! “, he added.

In France, throwing or abandoning waste in the street or not respecting “the collection rules (…) defined by the town hall” is punishable by a “fine”, it is explained on, the official website of the public administration. Its amount goes from 135 euros, increased to 375 euros if it is paid after the 45 days deadline, to 1,500 euros, possibly accompanied by the “confiscation of the vehicle (…) used to transport the waste”, warns the site. A price far from 1,000 euros …

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