a complaint filed against X after lead pollution

a complaint filed against X after lead pollution
a complaint filed against X after lead pollution

The departmental union of the CGT of Paris, the Henri Pézerat association and two families of residents of Notre-Dame cathedral will file a complaint against X on Tuesday for “endangering the lives of others”, after pollution in lead, caused according to them by the fire in the cathedral on April 15, 2019, indicates France Inter on Monday July 5 evening.

The complaint, written by lawyer François Lafforgue, calculates that more than 400 tonnes of lead went up in smoke, whether it was the roof or the spire of the building. A simulation carried out by the National Institute for the Industrial Environment and Risks in 2019 estimates that there have been repercussions “to Mantes-la-Jolie, nearly fifty kilometers from the source”.

The complainants believe that no sufficient measure was taken to protect the health of residents and site workers during the three months following the fire.

“Trade unions rose up against this situation and called the public authorities to account. Unfortunately, they did not receive answers to their questions. However, recently, we finally obtained reports from the Labor Inspectorate which demonstrate that the measures to protect workers, in particular, had not been respected during all the months following the fire “, explains François Lafforgue to France Inter.

“Despite the numerous and often considerable overruns of the applicable thresholds for lead concentrations in dust, the City of Paris has refrained from alerting parents of pupils to the risks run by their children. No real recommendation as to which to the basic hygiene measures to be adopted has also not been made “, still denounces the complaint.

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