Xbox employee stole $ 10 million from Microsoft

It is an exceptional situation and one which does not lack irony for Microsoft which lost 10 million dollars after the hiring of an employee whose task was precisely to test the security of its system of gift cards.

Volodymyr Kvashuk was hired by Microsoft in 2016 as a software engineer with a rather particular task: the latter had to test the flaws in the purchasing system of the Xbox department and in particular at the level of gift cards. To do this, his job was to order with fake accounts …

But in this little game, the engineer quickly found the opportunity to take advantage of his status and the tools at his disposal. He thus discovered a bug which made it possible to generate 25 gift codes to be used in the Windows Store for each transaction passed … Rather than correcting the flaw, he would have exploited it with a vengeance for several years …

After having offered a host of titles in the Windows Store, the latter had created a real business to resell these codes on the black market. To avoid getting stuck, sales were made in partnership with an online reseller: the codes were offered at a very reduced price, but payable only in Bitcoin. In total, the two individuals would have generated more than 10 million dollars. Convicted of 18 federal crimes, the main accused received a 9-year prison sentence.


Xbox employee stole million Microsoft

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