108 MP Hasselbald photo sensor, release date … here is the first info

108 MP Hasselbald photo sensor, release date … here is the first info
108 MP Hasselbald photo sensor, release date … here is the first info

Logically enough, a new premium smartphone will soon arrive at OnePlus. It would be the OnePlus 9T. The first rumors about it evoke a new 108 megapixel photo sensor, still co-developed with Hasselblad and a change in the interface. The release is scheduled for September 2021.

The OnePlus 9T would be equipped with a sensor with Hasselblad optics, like the OnePlus 9 (above)

Earlier this year, OnePlus introduced two high-end smarphones, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. These have been tested in our columns and have even been the subject of several videos that you can find on our channel. You can find one of them at the end of this article. Obviously, a third premium model will be offered at the end of the year, as in 2020. It should be the OnePlus 9T.

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So far, rumors about the OnePlus 9T have been relatively few. Fortunately, one of them makes up for this lack in order to give us some indications. This leak is divided into three pieces of information. The first is fairly classic: it’s the product launch date. She would be stalled in September. We are not very surprised, although the OnePlus 8T, its predecessor, had to wait until October to be formalized.

A 108 megapixel sensor like in Xiaomi’s Mi 11

The second piece of information is more interesting. It concerns the photo module. Depending on the leak, the main sensor would be a model 108 megapixels. It would be similar to the one you find in some models from Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme or Honor. It would be, as for the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro, accompanied by a signed optic Hasselblad. Recall that the Swedish optician has signed a partnership similar to that of Huawei with Leica.

The last piece of information in this leak is the most astonishing. She claims that OnePlus 9T will not work with OxygenOS, but with ColorOS from Oppo. Recall that Pete Lau, the boss of OnePlus, became in 2020 the Oppo Product Development Director. The teams of the two brands have started to merge. And some technologies are shared. But Pete Lau has always defended OxygenOS claiming that the ROM will not be replaced by ColorOS.

However, is this impossible? In truth, no. For a simple reason: OnePlus could save money on software development and updating smartphones. However, it is not certain that this happens from the OnePlus 9T. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

Source : Bolnews

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