a start to the holiday far from ideal for the French

Most of the country is expected to be marked by rains and low temperatures, with the southeast being the only area to really experience summer weather.

We have known better as the weather forecast for the start of the summer vacation. This first week of July will be marked by disturbed weather, particularly in the North and West of the country. And only holidaymakers who have chosen the south-east as their destination will be able to enjoy summer weather.

A disturbance will affect Brittany and a large part of the north-east on Tuesday © Aerial screenshot

According to Météo France forecasts, it is a significant “gale” which will be expected at the start of the week in Brittany particularly, during the night from Monday to Tuesday, with gusts of up to 110 km / h on the ribs. From 9 p.m. on Monday, ten departments in the West are placed on yellow “violent wind” vigilance, and this should be accompanied by strong waves on the coast on Tuesday.

It will not be much more encouraging in the rest of the country, since rains accompanied by thunderstorms should extend from the Massif Central to the Rhône-Alpes and to the Grand-Est. The rains could even be quite intense on the Lyon side, and this disturbance will go as far as the Pyrenees. Temperatures will be dropping over most areas, generally between 17 and 23 ° C in the afternoon of Tuesday.

The South to save it all

For those who were looking for sun and warmth for the start of their vacation, it will be necessary to have chosen the south-east of France as a destination. Temperatures will reach for example 27 to 31 ° C around the Mediterranean on Tuesday and Wednesday in the afternoon and will be an exception in the country, with really summer weather.

Rains and thunderstorms will continue to mark the territory, particularly in the Pyrenees and the Lyon region © Screenshot of the antenna

It will be necessary to wait until Friday for the sunny weather to really gain the other regions with rare showers expected in the east.

And if the situation is still uncertain, summer temperatures could wait until next weekend to show their nose: they will generally be between 23 and 27 ° C on the northern half, between 26 and 31 ° C on the half. South. Weather worthy of the summer vacation should therefore eventually arrive in France, but with a small week late.


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