VIDEO. 5 ways to fight extreme heat

VIDEO. 5 ways to fight extreme heat
VIDEO. 5 ways to fight extreme heat

Today is in Canada. There will be everywhere in temperate countries.”

The water

Christian Clot, researcher and explorer, obviously advises drinking water, but above all he invites you to do so on a regular basis. “I recommend drinking at least every 10 minutes, every quarter of an hour. And we can very well arrive at 2.5 to 3 or even 4 liters of water consumed during the day, this is not a problem.“, he advises. Also, it is better to avoid drinking ice water which will create an overpressure in the body.”The heart might not resist this kind of situation“, he adds.

The food

Eating very heavy, very fatty, eating a lot of meat for example and a fortiori in hot conditions, this is not the right thing to do because fat and meats require a lot of energy for the body to process.“, explains Christian Clot. He thus advises to eat light, fruit”and not too large a quantity“.

The clothe

Christian Clot recommends light, loose fabrics, “so that air can circulate between the skin and the tissue“. “Obviously be covered from head to toe. The worst you can do is go out shirtless, with bare arms. The radiation pressure is far too great. It is better to be completely covered or even on the head“, specifies the researcher.


In countries where it is very hot, people tend to work in the evening, early in the morning. “We tend to want to sleep at night and live the day. In hot weather it is better to work very early in the morning between 2 am and 8 am, where the periods are cooler. And stay quiet the rest of the day“advises Christian Clot. According to him, it will necessarily be necessary for our societies to adapt and transform our working rhythms in relation to the new climatic typologies which will happen to us in the future.

And the air conditioning?

For Christian Clot, air conditioning has two deleterious effects. “The first is that the temperature difference between the inside and the outside is such that when we go out we are crushed and it’s worse than anything“, he explains. The second effect concerns the environment:”There is nothing worse today than heaters and air conditioning. You have to think carefully before turning on your air conditioning fully when it’s very hot“, estimates the researcher.


VIDEO ways fight extreme heat

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