Marion Cotillard admits to having trouble looking at herself in Les Petits Mouchoirs

Marion Cotillard admits to having trouble looking at herself in Les Petits Mouchoirs
Marion Cotillard admits to having trouble looking at herself in Les Petits Mouchoirs

In an interview with Konbini, Marion Cotillard gave herself up without a filter. The opportunity for the actress to explain the reasons for her difficulties to see herself on the screen in the film of her companion Guillaume Canet, The Little Handkerchiefs.

It is no longer presented, in France or elsewhere. In the space of a few years, Marion Cotillard has built a concrete CV in the very closed universe of the seventh art. And if she makes her small effect across the Atlantic, playing alongside international actors, the Oscar-winning actress never forgets her first love. In 2010, it was only natural that she was part of the cast of Small Handkerchiefs, directed by his companion Guillaume Canet. The story of a happy band of friends, whose balance is brutally upset by a tragedy, a few days before a summer reunion.

A role too close to reality?

In The Little Handkerchiefs, and François Cluzet interprets to perfection the friend a bit perfectionist, Gilles Lellouche the talker allergic to commitment and Benoît Magimel the mysterious and taciturn, Marion Cotillard, she embodies the role of Marie. A very secretive young artist, although a little on the nerves. Used to large roles, the actress has a weakness for those of composition, as she explained in an interview with Konbini : “The difficulty of contemporary roles inspired by what I have been at certain times of my life, it is more complex for me than to create a character entirely which is far from me. Maybe it touches on intimate things, if only the voice of a character, for example.

“It was not working”

Marion Cotillard admits it, moreover: she is not really delighted at the idea of ​​seeing herself on the screen. And even less when it comes to his participation in the film The Little Handkerchiefs : I don’t have a passion to see myself on the screen … And at the same time it’s okay because I’m not making the movie to watch myself. (…) I always like to go and create something that is slightly different from me. Sure The Little Handkerchiefs, I tried, but it didn’t work“she explained. And to conclude:”What worked was having something that was closer to me, hence the difficulty.“For the 45-year-old mother, it is therefore easier to slip into the skin of Edith Piaf in The kid, than in that of Mary in The Little Handkerchiefs


Marion Cotillard admits trouble Les Petits Mouchoirs

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