a police officer sentenced on appeal to six months suspended

a police officer sentenced on appeal to six months suspended
a police officer sentenced on appeal to six months suspended

A police officer from Seine-Saint-Denis was sentenced on appeal to six months in prison for two punches on a disabled high school student during a check in 2016, a judicial source told AFP on Monday (July 5th).

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During this sentence pronounced Friday by the Court of Appeal of Paris, the defendant, now brigadier, was also sentenced to six months of professional prohibition, added the same source. At first instance in 2017, the person had received a three-month suspended prison sentence and two months of prohibition from practicing.

On September 9, 2016, three police officers were dispatched to a high school in the town of Lilas after a report concerning individuals with a taser. When they arrive, they check three teenagers, one of whom moves with crutches. He is 80% disabled from a serious fall a few months ago and cannot walk or stand without support. “My comrade was shaking. So, I was laughing, I wanted to calm him down. I told him it was going to be fine, that we had nothing to be ashamed of. But MF tells me ‘shut your mouth’“, Recounted during the appeal hearing in early June the victim, now 19 years old, crutches in hand.

The 25-year-old peacekeeper approaches him, the teenager puts his two hands on the arms of the policeman: “I thought he was going to run into me“, He had justified himself at the bar. The official then punches him twice in the face. The high school student collapses to the ground. Before the judges, the police officer had claimed to have been in self-defense and to have had no other choice to extricate himself. A version undermined by an amateur video brought to the IGPN a few months after the fact.

«We can be satisfied with the fact that the police officer will no longer work as a police officer for a relatively long period, it is a useful sanction for the general interest.”, Declared to AFP Me Solenn Le Tutour, lawyer of the victim. The accused’s counsel was not immediately reachable.


police officer sentenced appeal months suspended

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