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Published on 5 Jul 21 at 15:30

Dieppe Information

Alexis Gagnaire came first in France at an AeroPress competition and third globally. (©DR)

Born and studied at Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), Alexis Gagnaire started roasting coffee in 2016. A change of professional career for the one who was until then at the head of a London company. And it is also with our Anglo-Saxon neighbors that the idea came to him to embark on this adventure.

“During my coffee breaks when I was working in England, I discovered the flavors of this fruit in the various coffee-shops in London. Back in France and while we are the country of gastronomy, I did not find anything similar » he explains.

I then sought to find and reproduce this know-how by setting up my own business

Alexis Gagnaire

At the age of 31, Alexis was then at the head of a specialty coffee company with flavors from around the world. The coffee it offers has, in fact, two characteristics. The first is quality, since the coffee offered exceeds a certain rating. This first characteristic is intrinsically linked to the place of origin of the product: from Brazil to Colombia via El Salvador depending on the season.

And to work with the best farms, Alexis went directly to the site. In total, “We work with 15 farms and 5 cooperatives which change with the seasons. Because we must not forget that coffee comes from a fruit ” recalls the young roaster.

Number 1 in France and number 3 in the world

Recognized throughout the world, the know-how of this Dieppois came first in a national AeroPress competition and obtained third place worldwide. What reward the one who is also one of the 14 French to hold the Q grader certification.

“This diploma aims to reward and standardize the palate of people capable of rating coffee” he explains. All the coffees that exist are in fact rated between 0 and 100 and only those whose score exceeds 80 can be qualified as “specialty”.

The same variety of coffee can indeed give two very different aromatic profiles depending on the techniques used. What we are looking for is not intensity. Rather, we try to obtain a complexity of aromas in the product.

Alexis Gagnaire

Roasted in the Parisian store Kawa Café, the dish is shipped throughout France and internationally after an online purchase for professionals or individuals. Unfortunately, you will have to go to Paris to buy it directly in the store or to taste it in restaurants in the capital.

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Dieppe Information

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