“It wasn’t Christophe who killed her, it was her dog”: Elisa Pilarski’s mother confides in “Seven to Eight”

“It wasn’t Christophe who killed her, it was her dog”: Elisa Pilarski’s mother confides in “Seven to Eight”
“It wasn’t Christophe who killed her, it was her dog”: Elisa Pilarski’s mother confides in “Seven to Eight”

Mourning – Elisa Pilarski’s mother, who died in November 2019 in Picardy while she was walking Curtis, her companion’s dog, testifies for the first time in the program Sept à Huit.

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She would have preferred the doorbell of her grocery store not to ring. In the fall of 2019, Nathalie Pilarski opens the door of her business to the mayor of Rébénacq, a small village nestled at the foot of the Pyrenees. “I understood immediately that there was something serious”, testifies the fiftieth anniversary exclusively in the show Sept à Huit. “Monsieur Le Maire was not as usual, it was closed.” Accompanied by the gendarmes, the city councilor announces the disturbing death of his only daughter, Elisa Pilarski.

The 29-year-old was killed by bites on November 16, 2019 while she was walking Curtis, the dog of her companion Christophe Ellul, in a forest in Picardy near their marital home. Pregnant with her companion, she urgently calls him to help her. The man hurriedly quits his job at Roissy airport, but finds her lifeless, mutilated in her legs, arms, head and abdomen. “We already imagined ourselves with this little piece of cabbage that would bring us a lot of happiness”, deplores Nathalie. “The pregnancy was going well, she was happy.”

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He hammered at us that it was all corruption.– Nathalie, Elisa Pilarski’s mother

For nine months, Elisa’s family supports Christophe, like their son, by hosting him. “He was crying over his fate”, remembers the grieving mother. “He made the victim by saying that everyone was against him. He hammered at us that it was all corruption, that it was the hunting’s fault, that it was a conspiracy, that these people had something to do with it. money, that nothing could be done, that you would never know the truth. ” His version of the young woman’s death was “very categorical”, she says.

According to him, the hunting dogs of the region are responsible for the murder of Elisa. “He kept saying ‘it wasn’t Curtis, he would never have hurt Elisa’, like a dog could have the same feelings as a human,” adds Nathalie. A version quickly denied by investigators, whose DNA analyzes converge on Curtis.

While the investigation is still in progress, Nathalie hopes to lift the veil on the death of her daughter. “We can all make mistakes”, she finishes, tears in her eyes. “I know very well that it was not Christophe who killed Elisa, it was his dog. But I would like him to recognize him”. Aware that her son-in-law’s confession will not bring her back, she nevertheless wishes to free herself from this doubt “to continue the path without her.”

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After a year and a half of investigation, Christophe Ellul was indicted last March for manslaughter. While the investigation must still last for months, several aggravating circumstances overwhelm him: illegal importation of a dog on French soil, absence of a muzzle and illegal training with bites.

Left free, the 45-year-old faces up to seven years in prison. While awaiting the verdict, her dog has been placed in solitary confinement in a refuge in the South of France.

Léa LUCAS with Sept à Huit

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wasnt Christophe killed dog Elisa Pilarskis mother confides

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