the executive plans to set a new course this week

the executive plans to set a new course this week
the executive plans to set a new course this week

Emmanuel Macron could address the French next week to make known his intentions regarding the reforms he intends to carry out before the end of his five-year term.

Pension reform could soon be back on track. Emmanuel Macron plans to address the French next week to give a course on the reforms to come, and especially on that of pensions, tell us several sources within the executive. The President of the Republic will receive the social partners next Tuesday at the Elysee Palace, then it will be the turn of parliamentarians the following Monday: between the two meetings, Emmanuel Macron should make known his intentions concerning the last months remaining in his five-year term.

With a question that he will decide in the next few days: should we push back the retirement age? Several members of the majority, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire at the head, suggest pushing back the starting age to 64 and push for this reform to be made before the presidential election. The transition to a point-based pension system, a reform promised by Emmanuel Macron in 2017 but more ambitious and difficult to implement in the current context, would then take place in a possible second five-year term.

This hypothesis nevertheless worries a certain number of officials of the majority, in particular Richard Ferrand. Even if “the pension reform could not be abandoned”, “to bury this project like rushing would be folly in my eyes”, declared this Sunday the President of the National Assembly in an interview with Sunday Newspaper. “Let us clearly reaffirm what we want to do and commit ourselves to this being our first reform of Emmanuel Macron’s second five-year term,” he demanded.

“We do not reform to give ourselves an image”

Moreover, “we do not reform to give ourselves an image. Three out of four French people believe that economic recovery is the priority of the moment. They are right,” added Richard Ferrand. Some of those who encourage Emmanuel Macron to relaunch without waiting for the retirement project think that there is also a political factor to take into account. We are a few months away from the presidential election, and according to them, the President of the Republic should not give the impression that he is stalling in front of the obstacle and giving arguments to the right by losing his image of reformer.

Still, the unions are standing up against the resumption of pension reform. “Yes [ce sujet] had to return, it would give rise to a social conflict, it is certain, because it would not be understood “, warned on BFMTV this Sunday Yves Veyrier, general secretary of Force Ouvrière, for whom” it is not not the subject of the moment. “” I hope that we are not going to make it an electoral issue, “added the boss of Force Ouvrière,” that it will not be up to who is the most reformist in terms of pensions for show the muscles in perspective of the presidential election “.

Philippe Corbé with Jérémy Bruno

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