Unplanned bitcoin rain for Celsius customers – The app delights its community

Unplanned bitcoin rain for Celsius customers – The app delights its community
Unplanned bitcoin rain for Celsius customers – The app delights its community

Bitcoin is not dead yet – Celsius is a crypto borrowing and savings app, through which its users can generate returns on over 40 different cryptocurrencies. In order to increase returns, Celsius has recently turned to bitcoin mining (BTC), an activity that we know can be very lucrative.

$ 40 in bitcoins offered for $ 400 deposited? This is the hot deal of the moment for any new registration on the Celsius app (code : 1840354151)

Celsius and its North American Bitcoin mine

On June 4, Celsius announced a massive investment of $ 200 million in material of minage for one of its North American farms.

The company thus joins Core Scientific, alongside Rhodium Enterprises, a mining company in Texas and Luxor Technologies, a mining software company. In fact, Core Scientific is more than 130 000 machines, both ASIC and GPU, scattered over 4 states of the United States.

“Celsius recognizes Bitcoin as a flagship cryptocurrency, which still sets the course for the crypto industry as a whole. As such, we have made it a corporate priority to contribute to the vitality of bitcoin mining in North America through renewable energy. “

Alex Mashinksy, CEO de Celsius

Founded in 2017, Celsius widens thus the field of its action beyond his service loan and savings history.

Good news for Celsius users

This new mining farm in which Celsius has invested turns out to be a excellent news for app users. Indeed, the company announced that part of the BTC produced by the mine willincrease yields generated by users on their deposited BTC.

In practice, this makes it possible to introduce a fifth source of return, in addition to lending of funds to institutional investors, interest from DeFi protocols, lending to individuals and market making on centralized exchanges.

Hopefully this addition will reboost returns on BTC, while these tend to decrease faced with the expansion of DeFi and the multiplication of the number of protocols.

The launch of this activity is also timely given the gradual closure of mining farms in China, following new government regulations. Given this type of investment, will Bitcoin be in decline for much longer?

Want to discover the Celsius application and take advantage of $ 40 offered in Bitcoin? It’s very simple, you just have to make a deposit of $ 400, and keep it on the application for 30 days. For details and to take advantage of this exceptional offer without obligation, you can use the code 1840354151 upon registration, or use this affiliate link to create an account on the Celsius application.

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