Tarn: a 6-year-old girl dies after falling from a moving trailer

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Tragic domestic accident Saturday in Viviers-lès-Montagnes in the Tarn where a 6-year-old girl fell from a moving trailer. Caught up in the mobile home, the young girl did not survive her injuries. She died on the spot despite the arrival of help.

It must have been a vacation synonymous with escape for this family from Haute-Savoie who had rented a horse-drawn trailer to explore the department. But a dramatic accident that occurred late Saturday afternoon changed everything.

Arrived at a farm in Viviers-lès-Montagnes in the Tarn around 6.30 p.m., the guide accompanying the mother and her three children decided to get out of the trailer to guide the horse. He was accompanied by one of the little girls, aged 6. As the trailer started up again, the girl climbed back up but lost her balance. In her fall, she was caught by the trailer and was crushed by a wheel.

Despite the arrival of help, the little girl did not survive her injuries and died on the spot.

An investigation has been opened. The family was transported to Toulouse where a psychological support unit was set up.


Tarn #6yearold girl dies falling moving trailer

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