Marine Le Pen reelected at the head of the National Rally

Marine Le Pen reelected at the head of the National Rally
Marine Le Pen reelected at the head of the National Rally

Published on : 04/07/2021 – 13:13

A week after the failure of the regional elections, Marine Le Pen was re-elected president of the movement on Sunday. No surprise, she was the only candidate. Jordan Bardella will replace her at the head of the party at the start of the next school year when she will devote herself to the campaign.

With our correspondent in Perpignan, Anne Soetmondt

The National Rally (RN) in working order for 2022. Marine Le Pen was re-elected Sunday, July 4 at the head of her party with 98.35% of the votes of the members. A plebiscite apparently. Marine Le Pen was the only candidate for the presidency of the RN. Here it is put into orbit for 2022, combative and determined, she confides in private.

To replace her at the start of the school year when she leaves the head of the party to devote herself 100% to the presidential election, a faithful among the faithful, the MEP Jordan Bardella, only 25 years old, came first in the vote of the militants for the post of first vice-president of RN.

No change in strategy despite the regional setback

Jordan Bardella to take over a party for which Marine le Pen was reshuffling this weekend’s bodies with a view to 2022. If the candidate recognizes a failure of the RN to mobilize at the regional level and admits a dynamic to be recreated, no change in strategy. On the contrary, Marine Le Pen considers that his line has been perfectly validated this weekend by the activists.

The opening will therefore continue. Example with the entry into the executive office, where everything is decided, the presidents of the allied parties. Enough to cringe the supporters of a return to fundamentals. ” Historical », Retorts the candidate who also takes advantage of this congress to demand a feminization of her teams.


Marine Pen reelected National Rally

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