Alain Delon reveals the face of Hiromi, his new companion

Victim of a stroke two years ago, the 85-year-old actor appeared on the arm of his new companion, during an interview.

In an interview broadcast on TV5 Monde this Thursday 1is July, he agreed to be filmed alongside his Japanese partner, Hiromi, allowing viewers to see his face. Several users notably relayed the information on Twitter.

Very rare on TV sets, Alain Delon confided in journalist Cyril Viguier, for more than an hour in front of the cameras posted in his domain of Douchy-Montcorbon, located in the Loiret.

“During my convalescence, I was helped by a person, a Japanese companion that I have, who took care of me, who looked after me for months,” he explains. No details on his age, his profession and their meeting, the actor will not say more about this new idyll.

A relationship that would have been born during a shoot

A friend of the actor claims, in Ici Paris, that the couple met on set, several years ago. “For a long time, a simple friendship united them. As time went on, their feelings changed. Hiromi played an indisputable role in Alain’s recovery but also in his new serenity ”.

And for good reason, Alain Delon has come a long way. In 2019, he suffered two strokes and a few days after, a cerebral hemorrhage. It took two years for the interpreter of the Insubordinate to recover.

“This stroke has not changed him. It undoubtedly allowed him to take a step back (…) He had to turn in on himself. But it was less complicated for him than for others, given his deep nature, his love of solitude, ”said Cyril Viguier to Paris-Match.

Anthony, Anouchka and Alain-Fabien’s father says he is fine today and only walks with a cane. He even hopes very soon to return to the film sets for a very last film, “the one that will remain forever”.

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