The underwater fire caused by a leak from a gas pipeline that was finally extinguished

The images are very impressive. A gas pipeline leak in the Gulf of Mexico on Friday sparked an underwater fire. The drama unfolded in the west of the Yucatán Peninsula, off the coast of Mexico, just a few hundred meters from an offshore oil platform. In the images, this fire almost looks like a volcanic eruption of lava. The fire was reportedly under control after five hours of fighting.

It is facilities of the Mexican state oil company, Pemex, which are concerned. A spokesperson for the company said that the fire had caused no casualties and caused “no spillage” in the ocean … Without specifying what burned in the water, notes France Inter.

Among the 20 most polluting companies in the world

It is permissible to doubt the assertions of Pemex as this company is known to be not very careful about pollution. The Guardian It had ranked it in 2019 among the 20 most polluting companies in the world in terms of carbon emissions. In 2019 another pipeline of the company had already exploded and caused a hundred deaths in Tlahuelilpan.

The Gulf of Mexico, where there are large underground hydrocarbon reserves, is used to ecological catastrophes linked to the exploitation of these deposits. The most significant event took place in 2010 when a BP offshore platform off Louisiana in the United States exploded and burned for days. Eleven people were killed in the explosion and the leaks caused a huge oil spill.


underwater fire caused leak gas pipeline finally extinguished

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