Never call it again… Tour de France!

Never call it again… Tour de France!
Never call it again… Tour de France!

From there to wonder if it would not be appropriate to rename the most famous sporting event in the world, there is only one turn of the wheel, this time, that the etymologist will perform as a dancer! Should it be remembered that the name tour is issue of turn, which verb, however far we go back, has always referred to a circular movement around an axis or a center. Without going so far as to grant faith to a few killjoys who, obsessed with doping, will take the opportunity to insinuate that it is cycling itself that is no longer turning round, we must recognize that this year’s route is zigzag more than the perfect circle.

No more comfort is found in this other definition of the word tour
: « route, journey where we return to the starting point “. It has been a long time since the said departure (we have said enough recently, to celebrate the centenary of the event, from this Montgeronnaise inn in Alarm clock spelling more than doubtful!) is no longer given in the Paris region. Too happy when he does not set off from a foreign metropolis, as has often happened to him since 1954: it is no longer just tour which is the problem, its complement France is then just as out of place!


Fortunately, language enthusiasts know very well that everything is changing in this area. Don’t we use the word these days journey to designate any somewhat long hike while the etymology, based on the Greek periplous (“Navigation around”), originally meant to qualify the only sea voyage – which is more circular, carried out around a sea or a continent?

And then let’s not dramatize. We are living, in the middle of the year 2021, a football Euro stamped 2020! The Dakar rally took place for some ten years in South America, before taking up its winter quarters in Saudi Arabia.

As for the Eurovision Song Contest, it has not escaped anyone’s notice that it welcomed Australia among its candidates… It does not matter that this Tour does not take place only in France and that it no longer does it. trick: as long as the drunkenness remains, don’t worry about the bottle label!


call Tour France

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