flow test app updates to android to add new function

The Ookla Speedtest app is updating to provide Android users with a feature previously reserved for those using iOS.

Available for free on Android via the Play Store and iOS via the App Store, the Ookla Speedtest application allows, as its name suggests, to test the quality of its Internet connection (download speed, upload speed, ping , etc.).

The Android version of the application has recently been updated to version 4.6.1. “You can now measure your video streaming experience easily from your application”, indicate the developers concerning the novelties to be expected. “In order to provide this exciting new functionality, we have also moved a few elements. Feature-specific settings are easier to access and your results have been moved to a global menu ”, they add.

The function was added last January on iOS and is therefore appearing on Android. More specifically, this involves testing the video streaming capabilities offered by the connection used using several video clips (1080p, 2160p and 4K) executed in succession.

At the end of these tests, the tool provides information on the possible quality of broadcasting and the devices to which it is suitable. The 1080p definition is thus suitable for large smartphones and tablets, but also for medium-sized laptops and televisions.

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