the third runner-up in the Miss Elegance France competition is an Alsatian nurse

Marie-Victoire Schwerdel, nurse in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) and Miss Elegance Alsace, was crowned third runner-up in the national Miss Elegance France competition. It took place on Saturday June 26 in Dax (Landes).

An Alsatian nurse is in the top 5 of the national Miss Elegance France 2021 competition. This is Marie-Victoire Schwerdel, who takes care of palliative care as well as psychiatry or geriatrics … not in anti-covid unit. The 26-year-old was crowned third runner-up.

The first edition of Miss Elegance France dates back to 2017: this beauty contest aims to highlight the heritage. It is distinct from Miss France and Miss Excellence France. The final, initially postponed due to covid, took place on Saturday, June 26, 2021. Highlights of the evening: pre-selection in the top 10, general culture quiz … and swimsuit parade (that remains a beauty contest).

The Miss Elegance from each French region met for this final at the Le Splendid hotel-spa in Dax (Landes), with strict health control. Aquitaine is a bit far from Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), where Marie-Victoire Schwerdel works in a clinic. Born in Schiltigheim (Bas-Rhin), the young woman of 26 years old grew up in Anould (Vosges, see on the map below).

The third runner-up of Miss Elegance France 2021 answered questions from France 3 Alsace.

What were your motivations?

“It’s a competition a little more open than Miss France. You can participate up to 26 years old, and from 1.65 meters. He tries to put a little more forward the heritage of the regions … C ‘was precisely what interested me. When I was asked the question, I answered tac-au-tac to be interested in European Heritage Days in September. And during my campaign to promote the region , I shot a video of a bike ride in Strasbourg. I went around talking about heritage, in the most cycling city in France … “

“I stayed in my mantra: I am very focused on others. And as a nurse, it was a very special year due to covid. That and Miss Elegance on the side, it was not easy. It’s also a beauty contest, there were photo shoots … It was an environment that I didn’t know at all. It was really enriching. “

What were your trials?

“A general culture test [entre autres]. There were plenty of open questions: it wasn’t a MCQ. There was a bit of everything: science, history, news … There was even a question on the regional and departmental elections, or on the President of the United States, Eurovision … It went pretty well past.”

Not disappointed to be “only” third runner-up?

“I was already more than happy to become Miss Elegance Alsace. It was unexpected to go so far … I had already won: the rest was just a bonus. When I got my title , I really released the pressure. It was really a human adventure … A lot of regional misses came around me to hug me, because I could not contain my tears. I was really very moved, and there was all the pressure of the covid year. There were no rivalries, there were only meetings with the other misses. It was a good atmosphere, supportive, without too much ‘Competitive spirit.”

In addition to the general knowledge test, there was a swimsuit test.

© Marie-Victoire Schwerdel & Miss Elegance France 2021 program

What’s next for you?

“I hope there will be good things for me next … I am very persistent and determined [à voir sur Instagram ci-dessous; ndlr]. So I hope that the future will hold other nice surprises for me: from the moment we reach the top 10, we can access international competitions … but for the moment, it is not yet clear. defined. Anyway, it was really an experience that I really enjoyed. “

“And there, I went back to work. As soon as I got home, I went straight back to the clinic. The workload at the moment is obviously present. The competition is not very well known, but it has quickly went around and in my clinic, all my colleagues are super proud. It was a bit like the year of the caregiver, so it’s a nice tribute to have managed to go this far. represent our profession loud and clear. “

A Miss Elegance working at the clinic ...

A Miss Elegance working at the clinic …

© Marie-Victoire Schwerdel & Miss Elegance France 2021 program

A message to pass, as runner-up and nurse?

“Elegance is finding the right balance between perseverance, letting go, and benevolence. And concerning the covid, I hope that we will see the end of it. Let us remain united and optimistic despite the difficulties encountered, even if it is not rosy at the moment in the services. “

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