Covid: Véran ended up changing his footing on vaccination at his vacation spot

VACCINATION – In practice, making an appointment at a vaccination center, near your home or work, and booking your second anti-Covid-19 injection on the internet around your summer vacation spot was already possible but was not possible. was not the rule. Logical and practical. But the authorities had decided otherwise.

Taking the risk of discouraging or delaying the decision of the most hesitant, the rule set by the government until now required patients to receive their two injections in the same center. A puzzle for vacationers whose vaccination booster coincides with their summer vacation.


“The general rule is that the second dose takes place in the center where we take our first dose,” the Ministry of Health insisted for a long time, justifying this constraint, in particular by logistical supply difficulties. And to make it clear that “take your second dose in another place where you are going to spend your holidays (…) must be the exception”, Olivier Véran brandished between May and June always the same example on the Riviera.

“We are not going to ask Var doctors and firefighters to vaccinate the entire French population during the summer. They have other missions to lead, ”repeated the Minister of Health over and over again. as you can see in our video at the top of this article.

For his part, the government spokesperson has handled the paradox. While assuring on May 28 at the microphone of France Info that the authorities were going this summer “to strengthen the vaccine allocation of the centers which are in highly tourist places”, Gabriel Attal recalled at the same time that “when you make an appointment for a first dose of vaccine in a center, the second dose must be carried out in this center ”.

Happy end

Traveling to a vaccination center in Villeneuve-la-Garenne (92) this Friday, July 2, Olivier Véran has finally released ballast. The minister unveiled a new measure which should simplify the access of the French to the vaccine: from Monday, July 5, when making an appointment for a first injection, it will be possible to request to receive the second dose in another center, for example at his vacation spot, so as to prevent citizens from waiting for their return from vacation to be vaccinated.

Good news then confirmed by his colleague Gabriel Attal. “You can both go to the beach and get vaccinated,” summed up the government spokesperson from the Argelès-sur-Mer vaccination center (66). “This summer, it’s the vaccine that comes to you,” he explained, in turn formalizing the end of the geographic constraint which could thus help give new impetus to the vaccination campaign.

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