scandal around a parade of soldiers in high heels

scandal around a parade of soldiers in high heels
scandal around a parade of soldiers in high heels

The images of military women training in court shoes sparked a heated debate in the country, accusing those responsible of “sexism”.

Soldiers marching in step … in high heels. The news caused a scandal in Ukraine since the army communication agency Armyinform unveiled images of the repetition of the parade which is to celebrate, on August 24, the country’s independence.

We thus see young soldiers in camouflage uniforms trying to walk in step, with, instead of military boots, heels. According to the army, young women have three months to train twice a day, for a total of four hours a day of walking in heels, reports the national newspaper Kiev Post. In addition, according to the military, women had to practice “a new standard walking style” in which they had to raise their feet 10 to 15 centimeters instead of 15 to 20 centimeters according to the old regulations.

“A medieval state of mind”

“Why do they have to endure long heel exercises on the hot summer asphalt?” Show the world the Ukrainian woman – the brave, courageous and undefeated warrior ”, reacted The Veteran Women’s Movement. Opposition MP Iryna Gerashchenko called the parade “sexist” as more than 31,000 women serve the Ukrainian army, including more than 4,000 officers. “The story of a parade in heels is a real shame”, Journalist Vitaly Portnikov said on Facebook, arguing that some officials had a “medieval” mindset.

While many are calling on Defense Minister Andriy Taran to apologize, the Defense Ministry has not confirmed any changes in staff uniforms introduced in the wake of the scandal.


scandal parade soldiers high heels

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