Top 100 car sales in the first half of 2021

The 208 champion

Already queen of sales in 2020, the Peugeot 208 had taken off at the start of the year against its best enemy, the Clio. The latter was slowed down by the momentary absence of diesel engines. But she started again towards the end of the semester… without however managing to fall behind. The champion of the first half of the year therefore remains the 208, with 48,515 sales. Renault has registered 47,458 Clio.

The 2008 king of SUVs

The Citroën C3 came off the podium. Instead, in 3rd position, there is the 2008, which thus retains its title of best-selling SUV, with 40,604 units. He is clearly ahead of the Captur, 6th overall with 32,281 sales. It is also impacted by the cessation of diesel. Reinvigorated by its restyling, the 3008 remains 7th overall.

Cardboard for Sandero and Yaris

Descended to 5th place, the C3 is behind the new Dacia Sandero, which is making its debut with a bang. Another great debut, that of the fourth generation of the Yaris. The Toyota is 8th, gaining two places. The Twingo and the Mégane are 9th and 10th.

Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Tucson sensations

Sales of the Model 3 have exploded. So much so that the American entered the Top 20 and won the title of best-selling electric car, with 13,084 units, ahead of the Renault Zoé, 20th with 10,797 units.

Another surprise: the brilliant debut of the new Hyundai Tucson, which finished the semester in 25th place, with 9,381 sales. It does better than the Volkswagen Tiguan (31st, 7,865 sales)!

The Golf beaten by the Corolla

Once close to the top 10, the Golf is only 27th, with only 9,001 sales. It is thus behind the Toyota Corolla and its 9,612 units. It must be said that it faces internal competition from the T-Roc, which is doing better with 11,127 deliveries. Note that the Japanese is on the heels of the new Citroën C4, which has sold 10,034 copies.

The DS7 sells better than the DS3

Little surprise, the bigger and more expensive DS 7 Crossback does better than the urban DS 3 Crossback model. With 6,985 sales, the former is thus doing better than its German competitors. As for the latter, the Class A is far ahead of the Series 1 and A3. Note at Audi: the Q3 Sportback sells better than the classic Q3.

These good surprises

The Suzuki Swift is 38th (6,276 sales) thus doing better than a Seat Ibiza. The Volvo XC40 beats the BMW X1 (4,774 sales versus 4,579). The Mercedes GLB comes ahead of the B-Class and the GLC.

These unpleasant surprises

The new Juke is only 43rd (5,443 sales). The Ford Focus was turned off by the Puma, with just 2,331 sales for the compact, 92nd. We also expected better for the new Seat Leon, 87th with 2,547 sales.

Table produced by the CCFA

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