a director of a business aid association resigns after a report from the region

a director of a business aid association resigns after a report from the region
a director of a business aid association resigns after a report from the region

Info BFM DICI – A report recently delivered by the services of the Provence-Alpes-Cote-d’Azur region points to irregularities in the management of the Initiative Nord Hautes-Alpes association by its director Stephan Blondel.

It is a case that shakes the economic and political worlds in the Southern Alps as much. According to our information, Stephan Blondel, the director of the Initiative Nord Hautes-Alpes (INHA) platform has just left his post after twenty years of service.

The reason ? A report, piloted by the General Inspectorate of the South Region, which overwhelms the management of the main interested party.

Tens of thousands of euros

“We are talking about disproportionate and unjustified expense reports. Doubtful loans that could have benefited Stephan Blondel through the platform. Falsified documents and use of false. The amount at stake seems significant” evokes a source that has long rubbed shoulders with Stephan Blondel.

According to our information, the General Inspectorate of the Paca Region is wondering about spending of several tens of thousands of euros within Initiative Nord Hautes-Alpes and thus suspects embezzlement. This platform, in fact, is an association that is a member of a national network which aims to help businesses that are starting out.

Funded largely by banks and the region, this association offers zero-interest loans to small businesses. The average of this aid is around 10,000 €. Many businesses and small businesses have been able to easily get started thanks to INHA and the serious work of Stephan Blondel.

A man invested in his department

Very involved in the economic life of the Hautes-Alpes since a stint at the Briançon CCI, Stephan Blondel also enjoys a powerful network since he has held political office. President of Modem 05 until the merger of François Bayrou and Emmanuel Macron, Stephan Blondel worked in the close guard of Alain Bayrou when he was at the Hautes-Alpes General Council. Later, he also ran for cantonal elections in Briançonnais. Without success.

“This unfortunate situation must not come to cast shame on the entire network, blows an important member of the Initiative network. This specific case is an anomaly. It is up to the President. To the treasurer. To the Region. Or even. even justice to resolve this problem “.

“I let people say what they want”

Contacted, the President of INHA, Jean-Paul Hoffmann, has difficulty raising the subject. “He has done a lot of work in recent years. His resignation? I’ll let you see that with him …” indicates the President, speaking of Stephan Blondel. He then said he had nothing to say about his manager’s management report, before hanging up.

Stephan Blondel, he does not want to drop out. He recently changed his phone number but still accepts to answer via his Facebook account. “Mr. Hoffmann told you everything. I have nothing more to discuss except my state of health. But that is more delicate isn’t it …” he said start.

“The reports of the General Inspectorate of the Region relate to any structure that can benefit from the region’s grants. Besides, it seems to me that these are confidential procedures, don’t they? I let people tell people what it is. “they want. I’m not going to take what people say about you at face value,” explains Stephan Blondel.

Reached by telephone, the Public Prosecutor of Gap, Florent Crouhy, confirms “that a report of the region to the Public Prosecutor’s Office was recently made, as provided for in Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.” The necessary verifications will be made next week, “before the opening of a possible investigation for embezzlement”, he continued.

Valentin Doyen with Margot Hutton

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