two railway security officers indicted for “murder”

two railway security officers indicted for “murder”
two railway security officers indicted for “murder”

Two railway security officers who killed a threatening man armed with a knife on Wednesday near Ermont-Eaubonne station, in Val-d’Oise, were indicted for “murder”, said Friday. Pontoise parquet. Aged 27 and 33, the two agents belonging to the Suge, the SNCF rail security brigade, were released under judicial supervision, added the prosecution, indicating that an investigating judge was now in charge. to pilot the survey on the conditions of this intervention.

An amateur video posted on social networks

Was the extremely rare intervention “legitimate”? In any case, five agents in total were immediately taken into custody in the premises of the judicial police of Cergy, for the needs of the investigation after the fact. Three of them came out free on Thursday, the other two being therefore indicted for murder, a count heavier than that required by the prosecution, which had requested that the facts be qualified as “willful violence resulting in the death without intention of giving it “.

The examining magistrate will have to determine if these agents opened fire in a legitimate and proportionate manner in the face of the threat or if the intention of homicide was characterized. An amateur video posted on social networks Wednesday evening, a few hours after the fact, partially reveals, and from a single angle of view, the final scene of this manhunt. Refusing to be arrested, a man in gray pants and a black down jacket, a knife in his hand, comes and goes near a group of eleven children and two companions, not far from a recreation center.

Obviously vehement but also confused, he spins around the frightened group, which manages to run away. The man then walked in their direction before being shot by agents of the Suge, the SNCF rail security brigade. Targeted by five shots, he was hit by four bullets and died shortly after the incident despite the intervention of the emergency services. Earlier in the afternoon, around 3:45 p.m., the individual had first brandished his knife at travelers who were waiting for their train on the platform of the Ermont-Eaubonne station. The Suge team chased him out of the building, until the man came face to face with the group of children near the recreation center.

“He said ‘kill me or I’ll kill one'”

“He was extremely threatening” towards children, which prompted the agents to intervene, a SNCF spokesperson explained on Wednesday. “He touched children” but not with his knife, causing no injuries, said a source close to the investigation. “He said ‘kill me or I’ll kill one’. We’re down to two, three seconds from disaster.” The 36-year-old man is described by a police source as “marginal type”, unfavorably known to the services with about fifteen mentions, in particular for violence. ”Last known address: the social hotel.

An autopsy was carried out on Friday, but the results had not been returned in the early evening, according to a source familiar with the matter. In separate press releases, the FO and UNSA Rail unions gave the following day their “full support” to the agents involved, praising their “professionalism”. The CGT railway federation said on Friday that the agents had acted “within the framework of their prerogatives and the provisions provided for by law” and that they often face “difficult” situations.

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